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Ready to be humiliated on cam by cruel females who enjoy degradation, and the belittling of sissy boi and weak slaves? Our Live Mistress chat rooms are full of cruel females who enjoy, giving out BDSM tasks, slave contracts, humiliating tasks, degradation, forced feminization and much more. Select from the live chats below and chat online with our cruel women today

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If there is one thing that pathetic little weeds like you need from a superior woman like me, it is to be humiliated. Because the humiliation I force upon you is my way of keeping you at your most humble.

As you cringe and weep as I make you degrade yourself for my own personal amusement, you will remember your place and it will help to keep you focused on any tasks I set you. I am one of the meanest, harshest bitches you ever had the misfortune to serve under and you will bend to my will and perform everything I set you without question. We love nothing more than sissy humiliation and cruel bondage webcam sessions

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By using this way of female domination, I have control over any submissive weaklings who enter my private room and I can issue humiliating tasks and force them to degrade themselves. I have made slaves
– Lick their toilet seat
– Eat dog food
– Dress like a sissy and walk outside
– Lock their cock in chastity and then watch me bring myself to orgasm
– Eat from the floor
These are just a few of the degrading things I’ve made inferior male creatures do for me to prove their worth but rest assured I can be much worse. By first using the free chat area I can ascertain your limits and any props you have and tools to hand that I can utilize. I have a twisted imagination and a nasty, vindictive streak and I can make anything is used in a session. Tell me what you have. Be honest and I guarantee you I can totally degrade you – Ready for adult cam to cam?



I love being on live femdom webcams because it gives me the perfect chance to unleash my wicked side and let my twisted imagination go to work. I can be extremely cruel and nasty when I let my imagination run wild and it is a nightmare for my hapless slaves. I have tremendous fun with my subs and I usually laugh and cackle my way through the session as his cheeks burn bright red and the tears form in his eyes. Yes, I truly do enjoy humiliating a slave. Check out the best humiliation cams for sph and sissy humiliation


One of the most popular is sph (small penis humiliation) and the amount of small cock losers who I make stand before me as I rip their self-esteem to bits by mocking their cock size as well as their ability to ever get a woman that didn’t need a foot pump to inflate would blow your mind. I get off on having them stand with their hands behind their heads as I lay into them or I make them measure their minuscule dick against minute household objects such as
– Biro lids
– AAA batteries
– Chipolata sausages
– Baby carrots
Small dick ridicule is by far the most popular and well used of all degrading things a Domme can do.

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Female domination and humiliation go hand in hand. Dominating a submissive with humiliation renders him powerless and makes him fearful of what I will do to him next. It always makes sure he knows his place and who exactly is in charge. Me


Not in the least. Prices start from around 33c per minute which is practically giving it away. For financial domination or findom the price can be upped but normally the price is 33c. There is also the free femdom area where you can tell the dominatrix what you have and what you are after without having to pay at all.


As long as you can stand it. I can go all night and keep coming up with new ways to humiliate you but the length of the session depends on you and how many credits you have.


Why yes of course. I love to force my slaves to don a sissy dress, panties, stockings, strappy high heel shoes, silk gloves and a bonnet and become my maid. I make them curtsey, bow and scrape. I have them serve me and I make them mince around and walk properly.

We practise drills, curtseys and walking regularly and I also make them undergo anal training and to be cock sucking sissies so if you are a sissy maid or you are not but you want to be, come to my femdom cam room and let me take you on a journey you will not forget in a hurry.

Even better these online humiliatrixes  enjoy a cam to cam chat, being able to watch you as you are told what to do makes the experience so much better

So that is a few questions answered about a live humiliation cams session and how they operate. Each one is different and it depends on what you are into as to how it will go but rest assured, by using this cams site you are getting mean bitches online who will humiliate and destroy you without a seconds hesitation.
You have been warned. More dominatrix cams – here


What Is Humiliation is it a Fetish?

Remember there are two types of Humiliation there is Physical and there is Mental and all dominatrixes have their own style of humiliation. Find the humiliatrix for you by using the search facility on the site