My smoking fetish story – Watching a woman smoking outside a cafe

I sat at the table outside the coffee shop and sipped my double chocolate moccochino and ate my blueberry scone. It was a warm September day in New York and people were walking around quickly, always in a hurry while I sat here relaxing. One of the perks of working from home is not having to be involved in the rat race and I can take my time and enjoy the surroundings. I had a fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline from my vantage point and I sat taking in the sun before I went home to do some work.
I was just getting to the bottom of my cup and toying with the idea of ordering another when two women squeezed past me. I nudged my chair forward and leaning out of the way to let them past

“Sorry,” said one of them nervously “Thanks”
“No problem” I replied.

They went and sat down two tables away. They placed their shopping bags beside them. The one who has spoken to me was about 30 with short blond hair, a black Chanel dress, black high heel shoes and a pair of Gucci sunglasses on her head. Her friend was of similar age and wearing a red skirt with a white tank top and a matching red jacket. Her long black hair hung down beside her face.
They both sat cross-legged and the waitress came over and took their order. The one who had spoken leaned over to her bag, still engrossed in her conversation with her friend, and pulled out a packet of cigarettes.

At this point I should mention that I have a STRONG smoking fetish and I get off on watching women smoking so when I saw the packet being brought out, I felt my heart skip a beat and my excitement levels rise.
She opened the packet and casually pulled out a ciggie. I felt my cock start to twitch as she took it from the packet with her perfectly manicured fingers. She put it between her middle and forefingers and reached for her lighter. She was nodding in agreement to whatever her friend was saying and casually put the cigarette between her luscious red lips. She leaned to her left and flicked the flame and put it to the tip of the cig. It burned deep orange and caught.

She took a long drag and tossed her head back before releasing the white plume of smoke into the air. I felt my stomach tighten with the rush of adrenaline and I let out an involuntary groan. I twitched my fingers as my hands were on the table, desperately trying to fight the urge to reach under the table and wank my dick, which was now throbbing and looking for attention.
She leaned her elbow on the table and tapped her foot as she chatted. Her cigarette swung as she moved her hands. She put it back to her lips and took another draw of it. This time she opened only the left-hand side of her mouth and blew the smoke out there. That did It for me. I couldn’t help myself any more. I reached under the table and began to rub my self through my shorts. I was incredibly turned on by the sight of this gorgeous woman smoking.

She laughed and casually flicked the excess ash into an ashtray before taking another puff. Resting on her elbow, she looked so sexy with her forearm up straight and her hand held back with the cigarette between her fingers, the little streams of smoke floating off into the atmosphere. I wished I was closer so I could breathe in the smell.

Draw after draw she took as I sat rubbing my cock head. I was breathing heavily and thankful I had chosen a quiet table out of the way! I was stroking myself faster and faster as she casually smoked her cigarette and flicked the ash into the ashtray.
She got to the end of the fag and turned it in her hand and stubbed it out on the ash-tray by twisting it half a dozen times and then tapping it 4 times. At the sight of that, my leg muscles tightened and I came. I felt my cum shoot out all over my shorts and I could feel the mess land on my warm thighs. I relaxed my muscles and tried to get my breath back.
The waitress brought their drinks out and I ordered another. I was now planning to sit here and wait till this sexy, gorgeous woman decided to have another cigarette!

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