Are you a sub? Do you wish to serve a goddess on webcam but are unsure of what kind of humiliating things she will make you do?

Well before you enter, here is a list of thirty of the most popular ways a mistress will humiliate you on cam.

1 –
Small Penis Humiliation (sph)

The number one humiliation of all. Attacking a male slave’s manhood (or lack of it) is humiliating in the extreme. All men treasure their cock size so to have a gorgeous woman who you desire ridicules and mock your tiny dick is devastating. Laughing and sneering, she will ruthlessly mock you till you are practically impotent. You can see more small cock mock here

2 – Forced Feminization
What could be more humiliating than being forced to dress like a female? Answer – Nothing. Making you don stockings, panties or frilly knickers, strappy glittery high heel shoes and a nice puffy dress, you will look every inch the prissy sissy bitch for Mistress. You will be made to parade up and down and walk like a proper lady or slut and the degradation will have your cheeks burning with shame - Click here for domination cams

3 – CFNM (Clothed Female Nude Male)

It is embarrassing for a man to be naked in front of a woman while she is clothed, hence why CFN works so well. As her dignity and body are protected, yours will be exposed and leave you to feel vulnerable and broken. All fight will be removed with your clothing and you will be ready to accept whatever she wants to do to you - CFNM cAMS HERE

4 – Anal Play
Making you shove objects or even just your fingers up your ass? That’s got to be humiliating. Males are not meant to take hard anal but that is exactly what she will do to you. Be it dildos and vibrators or carrots and cucumbers. Whatever is at hand is going up your backside and you will fuck yourself with it on her command.

5 –
Supervised Masturbation
As a dirty habit, Men like to masturbate in private. So to have a superior female watch over you and view you acting like a pervert, mocking and laughing at you as you do, will be a horrible experience but one you will have no choice but to accept and fulfil - Masturbation Chat - Here

6 –
Online Chastity Keyholding
Locking your cock in a plastic prison that prevents any form of sexual relief is bad enough but being forced to beg for release is something else. On your knees and pleading desperately after weeks of denial is an experience no slave wants to go through but once she has you locked away you have no choice.

7 –
Verbal Degradation

A good old fashioned verbal beatdown and vicious tongue lashing is a favourite of any dominatrix. Ripping you a new one while you're forced to stand and take it is very enjoyable for her and terrible for you. Going after your cock size, weight, baldness, looks sexual prowess to name a few but rest assured. These mean bitches know exactly what buttons to push and will have you in tears

9 –
Food Play
She might make you eat dog food from a bowl on the floor, smear marmalade on a pickle or make you eat stale, out of date bread but what ever it is, food play can be highly degrading as you have to force yourself to swallow the disgusting concoction. For added humiliation, she may have a nice sandwich or salad while you gag on your horrid meal

Forcing you to take custard, jam, whipped cream or tomato ketchup she will make you cover yourself in it. From head to toe you will be a horrid, food covered mess. She will howl with laughter at you as you reluctantly become a human bin

A table with a cup or glass on It, on your knees holding a lamp or on all fours with her using you as a good stool or even sitting on you and treating you like a chair, being turned into an inanimate object is the lowest of the low and you have no choice but to endure it for hours at a time if she decides. 

12- Adult Baby
Forced to gurgle and goo, lie on your back kicking your legs, talk in a babies voice, being talked to like a child and even being forced to wear a diaper. All things that will happen if Mistress decides you are no longer an adult and deserve to be treated like a baby

Orgasm Denial
Ejaculating is a basic human instinct. You get horny so you make yourself cum.
Well, imagine a strict dominatrix controlling your orgasm and forcing you to edge time and again but not letting you have any relief or release. Laughing as you grunt and groan with desperation and leaving you frustrated and desperate. 

14- Boot Worship
Ankle, knee or thigh high, her boots are what her feet go in and what she walks on the dirty flood with. You also need to be on all fours to kiss or lick them clean. She will sit nonchalantly or watching  your every move. Texting her friends or laughing and insulting you as you pit your tongue and/or lips to use

- Name Change
Calling you by a humiliating name and making you answer to it and keep telling her what it is will make your cheeks burn. Something like spot, spud or turd are popular and humiliating but even making it a female name can have the desired humbling effect 

Singing in itself isn’t bad. We all do it in the shower, in our cars or kitchens but being made to stand, probably whilst naked, Infront of your Goddess and sing a whole song is a whole other ball game. No music or accompaniment will make it deeply uncomfortable for you

Forced Bi 
As a heterosexual slave, being made to suck a cock is about as bad as it gets. On your knees in front of a real man’s huge, erect dick will make your heart pump and your blood run cold. As she grabs a handful of hair and shove your head to his member, you will have no option but to take his cock in your mouth. For added humiliation she will no doubt laugh as you gag and splutter

Mouth Soaping 
Usually used on slaves who answer back but also used just because she Can, your Mistress will make you take a bar of soap and hold it in your mouth for ages. She will get off on the
loom on your face as you end up tasting the soap. Or she will make you run it along your tongue and on your teeth.

She’ll get you to clip a clothes peg to your tongue to prevent proper swallowing then make you
droop your head. Within minutes your mouth will be full of saliva you can’t swallow properly and her cruel laughter will fill your ears as she enjoys your embarrassment 

Body Writing
With crayons, paint or permanent marker she will have you write degrading words to describe yourself. Things such as wanker, small dick loser, cuckold wimp, cock sucker slut or pathetic wanker are the usual but rest assured, the cruel
dominas on this femdom cam site will come up with worse 

21– Puppy Play

Making you get on all fours and then making you act like a dog is another degrading act these Dommes will make you do. Make you play fetch, forbid you from speaking only barking and having you lie on your back to get your tummy tickled are only a few of the ways they will play this out

Speech Deprivation
Everyone takes speaking for granted but imagine not being allowed to speak because your Mistress forbids it? Having to stay silent while she berates you or whips you. Not able to ask to be fed or to cut when you are being teased. Having to plead with your eyes for permission to speak while she is in kinks of laughter

Sensory Deprivation
A follow up that works well with speech denial, being blindfolded and/or with your ears plugged and not knowing what she is doing or even if she ignoring you is a humiliation in itself. Unable to hear, she can be calling you all sorts of names and laughing but you can’t hear

Ass Worship
Possibly one of the worst forms of humiliation, as perfect as her rump may be it is still hugely embarrassing to have to get on your knees, watch her hitch her dress up or pull her trousers down and shove her cheeks in your face and make you pucker up and kiss it.

25- Public Humiliation
It could be making you dress as a sissy and pump gas, go to the store and buy only a cucumber ky jelly and condoms or walk around with your shirt hanging from your open fly to name a few but whatever she decides, you can be rest assured your public humiliation will make you squirm and want the ground to open up and swallow you.

Sit Down To Pee
Standing up to urinate is a man thing. It makes you feel masculine. So a dominant woman taking that away and making you sit to urinate like a woman might not sound bad but it most certainly is degrading

Being Collared
Forced to wear a collar, you will be marked as property. With the leash holster rattling as you walk or crawl and the harsh leather biting into your skin you will be only too
 aware of how you are now no better than a dog

Being Pimped Out
Nothing spells humiliation like being sold for sex and that is exactly what might happen to you. Mistress might decide she wants to make money from you and will pimp you out as a cheap mouth or hole to be used

Tan Lines
Make him wear a bikini and then go for a sunbed so it is obvious to all and sundry what he's
 been wearing. It will amuse your Dominatrix greatly to point them out to you and ridicule you for them during your session

Financial Domination
Having to hand over every penny of your wages and work overtime only for her to take that as well and leave you with nothing. Forced to work 18 hour days 7 days a week only for her to spend the lot and leave you with nothing. Chat with findomme's here

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So there you go. 30 ways for humiliation on webcam. This list is by no means exhaustive. Every online domme has vast experience and will be able to make every session unique and keep you guessing. Join now and get ready.

Most of our Cruel ladies prefer it if you have a webcam when carrying out humiliating tasks for them, it is always more exciting and fun if they can watch you in a c2c session.

We have hundreds of live dominatrix cams with free chat rooms for you to test the water and see how far these females can push you in an online session

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The first thing any Mistress will do to her slave is inflicting some humiliation on him. It is the quickest way for her to demonstrate her control and to exert her power. When using the best-femdom cams for your submissive servitude, it is the number one thing all the Dommes will do from the start to make it clear right from the off that they are in control and that they rule. Get ready for 30 of the best ways to humiliate a slave on webcam

Top Best 30 Ways For Humiliation WebCam Shows Online   

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