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Surprise Sex In The Kitchen Gay Story

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As Tony stood chopping some green peppers and chillies for their dinner, Peter crept up behind him. Placing his head on his shoulder, he kissed him gently on the cheek
“What are you doing?” Tony said, laughing “I’m trying to prepare the dinner here”
Tony and Peter had been dating for 3 years now and were as madly in love now as they were when they first met. The life and soul of the party, they were the nucleus of their group of friends and extremely active in the gay scene and strong supporters of gay rights.

Nuzzling his neck, Peter gently licked Tony’s skin. He knew this was a strong turn on for him
“Oi, come on. Knock it off” he said jokingly.

“Oh now don’t tell me you’re not enjoying this” teased Peter
Shaking his head, Tony tried to ignore him and went back to his chopping but damn if Pete didn’t know how to get him going. He could feel his cock stiffening and get hard

“Come on, I’m getting a hard-on here. That’s enough”
“Oh are you now? Well let’s see if we can’t help out with that then shall we” retorted Peter, and slowly slid his hand down the front of the khaki shorts Tony was wearing. He gasped as Pete gripped his now hard shaft and began to stroke it slowly. He could feel precum leak from the end of his dick and the pleasure was intense. 
“How does that feel? Still want me to stop”

God no. Keep going” replied Tony, his voice faltering as the pleasure coursing through his body made speaking a struggle.

Peter began to wank Tony’s impressive 7-inch cock faster and faster. He slid his left hand up Tony’s t shirt and began to rub his nipple. He could feel his body tighten as he enjoyed the sensation.
Taking his hand off his cock, he reached for the waistline of tonys shorts and pulled them down. They stopped at his knees and he slumped his head forward as Peter nudged his legs apart by tapping the with his ankles. He felt him fumble around as he tried to free his own cock and then Peter put his hand on the back of his neck and pushed him forward so he was bent over the kitchen worktop. He spread his arms out to stabilise himself as he felt Peters cock probe his ass.

He gasped as it entered him. He felt its thickness stretch his hole and he grabbed the sides of the work top. Tossing his head back, he groaned and bit his lip. Peter began to put more force into his thrusts. The banging of his body against the counter was matched by both of their grunts and groans as they fucked each other. 
Peter powered into Tony like a jack hammer and reached round and grabbed his dick and began wanking it as fast as he could. He could feel his own orgasm building and he felt Tony’s body tighten as he too got close. Twenty seconds later and they both let out loud yells and groans as they came hard. Tony splattered his load all over Peters hand and onto the floor while Pete filled Tony’s ass with his man juice. 

They both collapsed forward over the kitchen counter, gasping for breath
“Well” remarked Tony “THAT was an unexpected surprise”
As they both stood up and pulled their clothes back on they grinned at each other. 
“So how long till dinners ready then?” joked Peter. “Feels like you started chopping those peppers ages ago. What’s keeping you?”