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I have always preferred wearing female clothes for as far back as I can remember. I've loved putting on tights, high heels, skirts, dresses and frilly knickers more than a suit and I've dressed in secret at every opportunity when I have spare time.

One thing I have always liked more though is the thrill of wearing my feminine attire while other guys could see me. I’ve always got incredibly turned on by seeing another guy with a rock hard cock wanking himself as he sees me dressed up like a proper sissy.

The way I get my thrills for this is to work on a live crossdresser webcam site where I can get horny guys to come to me and ask to see me all dressed up. It lets me act out my fantasy to be a sissy in public while getting paid for it at the same time. Its a win-win for me!

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The other day was the big Giants vs Patriots game and my best friend Josh was coming over to watch it on my 70” 4K TV.  He's a complete hunk. He's got a ripped body, gorgeous facial features and a perfect tan.

I've also seen his cock when we were at the gym and ever since then I've had a secret desire to get him hard and suck him dry. I definitely fancy him, which is weird as I consider myself straight, and the thought of giving him a blow job is a big fantasy of mine. I’ve always managed to control myself though but I just have to tell you what happened during the game.

Josh arrived at about half 12 complete with two six packs of Budweiser. Perfect. I laid out the chips, dips and pretzels and we settled down to watch the game. While it was on we were chatting about everything and nothing. Just two buddies shooting the shit. It happened midway through the second quarter.

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“Mike pass me one of the beers over will you,” he asked me

I leaned over to get one and heard him intake a sharp breath.

“what the fuck dude?” he exclaimed. “Are you wearing women's panties?”

SHIT. I forgot I had them on. Id no clean boxers and decided just wear a pair of my sissy knickers. I thought it be ok as hed never know and if im honest, I got a bit of a thrill about wearing them when he was here but when id leaned forward my T-shirt rode up and flashed them at him.

I jumped up and stood there, not knowing what to say

“Em its.....I was.....er.....the thing is.......you see”

I was stuttering and stammering like an idiot. I stopped talking and looked at him. What surprised me was he didn't look disgusted or awkward. He didn't appear to be bothered in fact.

He was still sitting on my couch with one leg outstretched and an arm draped over the back. He was looking at me but not in a weird way. He cocked his head to the side.

I decided there was no point trying to talk my way out of it. I'd be as well being honest about it. If he decided he didn’t want to know me anymore because of it then so be it. I took a deep breath and spilt it all out. The fact I'm a transvestite crossdresser, my work on live cam sex sites, the whole lot.

He looked at me when id finished speaking and said quite matter of factly.

“that’s a pretty cool dude. Whatever you’re happy with”The relief I felt was immeasurable but it was nothing like what I felt with what he said next

“Fancy showing me?”

I was so shocked I couldn't even speak. I looked at him in bewilderment

“Show you what?” I asked

“What you look like dressing as a woman” he replied

“Are you serious?” I said.

My voice was shaky but my cock was stiffening.

“Are you sure?”

Of course. I wouldn't ask if I wasn't”

I agreed and went upstairs. My hands were trembling as I picked out a short red mini skirt, black stockings and a crop top. I put my fake tits in a bra and fixed my blond bobbed wig.

I could hardly put my make up on for shaking. Was this really happening? I applied my blusher, mascara, red lipstick and eyeshadow. I put on a pair of killer 5-inch strappy high heel shoes and stared at myself in the mirror. I looked amazing if I do say so myself! I fixed my skirt and went downstairs. I stopped as I put my hand on the doorknob. I took a deep breath.

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“you ready?”

“can't wait” he replied

I turned the handle and made my way in. I walked to the front of the settee and stood.

“Wow. Just wow. You look fucking amazing”

I could tell he meant it as well. The reason I could tell was that I saw his cock start to stiffen. My breathing was sharp and fast. So fast I could barely catch a breath.

He put a hand down the front of his shorts and freed his massive cock. I stared at it. The head was purple and angry. It was thick and powerful looking. He began to gently stroke it. Fuck it I thought. No going back now

“you know, I could help you out with, my mouth if your dicks getting too stiff”

I waited with bated breath to see what his answer would be. Was that too much? Was seeing me dressed one thing but having me suck him off just too much? I needn’t have worried.

“Thought you'd never ask,” he said, “tell you what else. See that webcam on your computer. How about streaming it on that live cam site you were telling me about? That would be an incredible turn on.”

“Wow. Ok sure” I replied and quickly logged on and hit the enter button. We were no live in front of thousands of people. I walked over to him and slowly got to my knees. He spread his legs and shuffled his shorts down.

His dick was rock solid and at least 9 inches. We shuffled around slightly so the guys watching at home had a better view and I moved between his legs. I  lowered my head and used my tongue to lick his dick from the base to the tip. He gasped as I did so.“ oh that felt good” he said, looking into the cam. I opened my mouth and took his shaft. I couldn't taste his salty pre-cum. I closed my lips around it and began to suck him off. He groaned as I built up a rhythm, taking his dick to the tip then greedily taking it all in my mouth again.

He put his hand on my head and grabbed a handful of my blonde wig

“oh yeah. Oh, that feels good. Don't stop” he was groaning. I looked up at him with my mouth full of cock and he was staring at the webcam and smiling. He gave a cheeky wink to the viewers. He was certainly enjoying himself!

His faced twisted in ecstasy and I felt his dick stiffen. He was close to cumming.

“don't stop” he gasped “ keep going. Oh god. I'm gonna cum”

And with a yell, he grunted and doubled forward. His cock jerked and thick cum splashed down my throat and filled my mouth. I was so turned on I swallowed the lot. I licked my lips and sat back on my heels. I took his cock and began to stroke it gently.

“Jesus,” he said, “ that was the best bj I think I've ever had.”

“glad you enjoyed it,” I said. We looked at the comments on the site and judging by them its safe to say the viewing public loved it as well.

So there you have it. After months of fantasising about sucking my best friends cock, I finally got to live it out and while it was streaming on a live webcam sex site!

Sucking My Best Friends Dick - I was  A closet Crossdresser - My Kinky Story