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We pulled into the parking lot of the Reagan Pines mall and I found a space. I backed the car into it and turned off the engine.

“Could you have found a space any further away from the door?” my wife asked, scorn in her voice
Sorry, Emma. Will I find another?”
“No point now is there? We’re parked now. Idiot”
“I’m sorry Emma”
“Shut up”

I got out and walked round to the passenger side and opened the door for her. She put her left hand out and I helped her out of the car. Without a word, she began to walk to the mall. I grabbed her bag from the footwell, closed the door, locked the car and half walked, half ran to catch up to her. I needed a new suit for work after snagging my other one, ripping the jacket and trousers. She chooses my clothing, right down to what I wear on a day to day basis

We have been married for 8 years. I knew she was controlling and bossy from the second I first met here and there is a part of me that suspects she only married me because she knew I could be easily controlled and would rarely if ever, answer her back. In all the time we have been together it has always been her way and her way only.

I scurried after her as she walked sharply and with purpose towards the mall entrance. She is only 5ft 11 with a size 8 figure but she is an imposing woman with an air of authority and a sharp tongue. She was wearing black leather trousers that hugged her perfect ass, black stilettos and a dark brown leather jacket. Her shoes clicked loudly on the tarmac as she walked. I caught up with her just before the door and I ran in front and opened it for her. She walked past without even looking at me. I followed her inside. She stopped in the foyer and looked at the list of stores. I stood beside her, silent.

“Reece’s. That’s where we’ll start. Hurry up” she stated, and walked off with me in tow behind her.
We turned left and she marched on, me behind and still carrying her handbag. We arrived at Reece’s men’s store and went to the suit department. She went to a large rail which had rows of suits hanging on it and began flicking through them while I stood quietly and watched.

After a few minutes, an assistant came over. She was about 20, blonde, slightly chubby but in a sexy way and she had on a blouse that was nearly bursting and struggling to hold her massive boobs in. Her tight black skirt was just above the knee and showed her tan tights off perfectly. She was good looking and her hair hung by the sides of her face. She laughed at my little penis again

“Hi, I’m Amy, Can I help you with anything?”
“Ah yes. Hi Amy. This idiot husband of mine ruined his suit so now I need to spend my Saturday afternoon looking for another one for him. What do you have that will fit? Nothing too expensive though. He doesn’t need expensive clothes. He’s only an assistant. He can’t even get a proper job”

My heart stopped as she spoke. I can’t believe she just said that to a complete stranger. Amy looked quite taken aback and slightly uncomfortable.

“Er…em…ok. Er, well we have this one here. It looks about his size and it’s only $40”
“Let me see it please,” said Emma, and took it from her.
She held up the trousers and looked at me.
“Hmm, these are a bit big. Not at the waist. There they look fine. More between the legs.He’s not the most equipped if you know what I mean”

As she said it, she held up her left hand and wiggled her pinky at Amy and laughed. My cheeks began to burn bright red. I was so embarrassed. Standing here still holding my wife’shand bag didn’t help any either. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.

“John. JOHN” she yelled at me, snapping me back to reality “Tell Amy what size that thing between your legs is” She turned to Amy “I can’t even call it a cock Amy to be honest. It just doesn’t feel right”
“Emma, please” I pleaded as I looked at her
A look of thunder crossed her face. She folded her arms and pursed her lips
“Tell her. NOW. Don’t you dare embarrass me”

I looked at this gorgeous young girl, utterly humiliated. I swallowed heavily
“3inches,” I said miserably “5 when I’m hard”
Amy’s eyes widened. She looked at Emma in shock

“3 inches? Oh my god. Do you even feel it when you have sex?”
I was shocked. I thought she would recoil, make her excuses and leave but instead, she actually joined in.

“OH you have no idea dear,” said Emma. “It’s like having a sweating balloon bouncing on top of me”
They both cackled with laughter. Amy was surprisingly comfortable with the situation she had found herself in.

“Would you like to see it?” inquired Emma, much to my shock
“Really? Here? I am fascinated, to be honest. I don’t think I’ve ever been with a man who is less than 8 inches”
“Oh yes here is fine. He doesn’t mind, do you dear?” was my wife’s sarcasm dripped reply. “Well, you heard her. Drop your pants and let her see”
I was white as a sheet, sweating and on the brink of hyperventilating.

“Here? In public?”
“Yes, here you moron. Where else? Drop them”
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as I undid my belt, unbuttoned my trousers and pulled my fly down. I lowered my trousers and boxers to reveal my tiny cock.

“Oh my fucking god!” screeched Amy “Where the fuck is it? I can barely see it!”
“I know right” retorted Emma “I carry a magnifying glass with me!”

Amy bent over to get closer to it as I held my shirttail up. I felt so degraded and humiliated it was unreal. She leaned right in close and looked up at Emma
“That has got to be the smallest dick I have ever seen. That is almost unreal”
She stood up straight again and looked at me
“Do you need tweezers to take a piss?”
Emma burst out laughing at this direct question. I flustered and spluttered and couldn’t get any words out
“Do you?” she held her forefinger and thumb about an inch apart “Does this little guy need some help to be taken out”.

Her sniggering and laughter rang in my ears, as did Emma’s snorting laughter as she clearly enjoyed her new friend joining in with my small penis humiliation
“Get those pants up John. No one wants to see that tiny cock anymore. Poor Amy looks like she’s about to have a stroke with laughter”

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I quickly pulled my pants up, glad that was over.
“I see what you mean,” said Amy “that could not be classed as a penis. Thing is the right word to describe it. You’re also right about the cost of the suit. Since he doesn’t even count as a real man with a stub like that, we have some seconds and rejects over here if you like?”

She spoke to my wife as if I wasn’t even there
“Perfect. Show me”
“Come on then little dick.”

Cackled Amy as she and my wife walked to the other end of the store, laughing at each other. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but it was obviously about me.

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