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If you have a smoking fetish then you have found the right site to hang out in. We have hundreds of smoking cams online right now and these cam girls enjoy smoking for you and with you. Just click the live free video chat rooms below and tell them what way you to see the smoke they smoke everything including cigars. The beauty of this site is that there is a massive selection of females to select from all who enjoy having a smoke with you on webcam The very best & Cheapest femdom cams

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Ask anyone to name what they think the top fetishes in the world will be an absolutely everyone will have women smoking in their top five, guaranteed. It is one of the most asked for and sought after things that guys look for, especially online.

The sight of a female smoking a cigarette is a hugely powerful turn on for almost every guy on some level and is enough to have their cock stirring.

If you are a guy who wants to go a bit further, however, and has an urge so strong that you absolutely NEED it in order to get off, help is at hand.

A much better solution than tube site videos or pictures, right here you can have access to dozens of gorgeous women who will all smoke for you to wank off to, or strict femdom Mistresses who will use their ciggies to tease you or smoke cigars to show you how powerful they are.

There is never any shortage of females online who will smoke for you and whatever kind of age, size or ethnicity you want to see, this website has them all for you. By using the free chat area you can ask her to focus on the specific part that gets you off. What do you mean, I hear you ask?

Well, for every person there is a specific part of their fetish that they like to focus on. Guys with a boot fetish, for example, might prefer the heel. Others might like the toe tip, others the top around the calves.

Guys who like to see girls smoking are no different and there are different parts to it they like so whatever part it is you prefer, you can tell her in gratis chat and that way when you enter the private session you do not need to interrupt the flow to ask her to do something, nor will you leave the session feeling you did not get what you were looking for. As perfect as these females are, they do not mind readers! You need to inform them what you want to see and focus on most and they can give you what you want.

LIGHTING UP  In the Smoking Cams Show

If you like to see girls lighting up then she can take the packet and half take a cig out and then put it to her lips. Grabbing it between them, she can remove it completely and then casually flick her lighter on (or use matches if you prefer) and then tilt her head slightly and put the flame to the tip. Inhaling as she does so, the end will catch and burn orange as she puts the lighter down and takes the ciggie between her fingers.

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SMOKE On Cam As you Watch

If you like to see the action of smoking or the smoke it produces, then she can take a draw and look at you before she purses her lips and blow it at you till it fills your screen and you feel it is enveloping you. Draw after a draw, puff after puff.


Holding the cigarette between her middle finger and thumb, she can hold it over an ashtray and casually flick the excess ash into it before taking more draws and repeating the process


Taking the end in her fingers, she can plunge it into an ashtray and twist it to extinguish the flame. Jabbing it harshly, she can zoom her webcam right in close to give you an interrupted view of her putting it out and mashing it till it is twisted and broken.
If you are a submissive man then there are plenty of strict dominas who all smoke and will use it to tease and torment you. Nothing says powerful females like seeing them sit casually smoking or holding a lit cigarette whilst you grovel at their feet or perform your tasks. The sight of this is enough to make a slaves cock twitch at the best of times but if you have a smoking fetish to boot then it will be enough to have you rock solid.


One of the most popular ways for dominant smokers to use their slaves is by having them be a human ashtray. Why would she dirty a glass one when she has a perfectly good slaves mouth to use. Lying with your mouth open or held open with a spreader gag, she will sit and tower above you, casually smoking away and flicking her ash into your throat and ordering you to swallow.
Whatever part of a smoking fetish it is that turns you on, or if you are a submissive who dreams of serving a powerful, smoking lady then it can be satisfied at this fetish webcam site. Dozens of women online who all smoke and can and will do whatever it is you like and what turns you on.

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Just head on over now to the live smoking webcam show and watch how our amazing fetish cam girls smoke for you any way you request. We have the best smoke cam chat rooms with the hottest girls from all over the world, from big girls to small girls to fetish chicks, and grannies we have them all, so no matter what type of smoke fetishists you are, whether it is just about watching the girl smoke live for you or whether you like to become smoke slave and human ashtray, just tell these online girls exactly what you want to see in the live show and leave the rest to them. These webcams are available 247 with lots of new women joining on a daily basis.