Dirty Sissy Bitch Blackmailed and Humiliated for dirty pantie scenario - Story

The bell rang loudly as Mistress Amanda signalled that she wanted Jemima to come to her chambers. In the middle of her second load of washing, Jemima heard the bell and instantly put the armful of clothes she had in her arms on the worktop and started the ascent to the third floor where Mistress Amanda’s office was. 

Formally called Jeff, Amanda had been his secretary until she did the books six months ago and found he had embezzled over $80,000 from the company. Threatening him with the police, he had broken down sobbing and saying he would do anything if she kept quiet. The prospect of 8 – 10 years in prison did not appeal in the least. Amanda had seized her opportunity and had forced Jeff into going from an alpha male executive who bedded scores of women and had now made him blackmailed into being a sissy maid and slave. He deeply regretted not being a better, nicer boss.

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He had made her run ridiculous errands and made sure she knew he and the other associates knew they talked about her in a provocative manner. Now she was relishing having him at her beck and call and humiliating him at every opportunity. Now he was a humiliated sissy maid who’s male life was over and who lived in a cage in the basement, given countless and tedious chores on a daily basis to be fulfilled to impossibly high standards and abused regularly by his former secretary whom he now called Mistress.

Dressed in the usual outfit of white stockings, blue glittery high heel shoes, white frilly panties, suspenders, black puffy maids dress complete with white lace apron and elbow length white gloves, Jemimas outfit was completed with her blond bobbed wig and her blue eyeshadow, red lipstick and mascara.

Having been caught masturbating on his second day as a sissy maid, Mistress Amanda had forced a chastity device on him which forbade any erections and prevented him sneakily pleasuring himself. As a highly sexed executive, Jeff was used to orgasming 4 to 5 times a day before his change. Now he didn’t cum at all.

Scurrying up the stairs, she could hear Amanda still ringing the bell furiously. She was obviously annoyed at Jemima's slow reaction. Finally reaching the top floor, Jemima ran along the hallway and paused just outside the doorway to the office. Fixing her white bonnet and straightening her skirt to make sure it was prim and proper, she took a deep breath and entered the room.
Mistress Amanda was half sitting on the large oak desk.

One leg was straight out on the floor, the other was crossed over it. Wearing a knee-length black skirt, black pantyhose and thigh high black leather boots with a 6-inch heel, white blouse and with her blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, she had a cold look in her eye as Jamima entered. Hurrying to the desk, she grabbed the edges of her maid’s dress, crossed her left ankle in front of her right and bent into a perfectly executed curtsey, just as she had been trained to do, before placing both hands behind her back, moving her feet shoulder length apart and standing with her head bowed. The position Mistress Amanda had beaten into her as being the assumed position whenever in her presence.

“What the hell took you so long? I expect a much quicker response time”
“Sorry Mistress. I was just………..”
“Blah, blah blah” she interrupted, “Not interested in your excuses. Ill deal with your tardiness later. Right now it’s time for a surprise inspection so get over here”.

Inspections of Jamima's work and uniform were frequent and strict. There was zero room for error and nothing went unnoticed or unpunished.

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Stepping closer to the desk with a beating heart and beads of sweat running down her forehead, Jamima stood as Amanda rose off the desk and took a step towards her with a sadistic look on her face. Checking her bonnet, she then put her hand under Jamima's chin and pulled her head up. Looking her square in the eye, she took a deep breath and before Jamima knew what was happening, Amanda had spat right in her face. A big thick mouthful of saliva landed in the corner of her left eye. She flinched but stayed silent. She could feel it running down and onto her cheek but without permission to do so, she did not dare make even an attempt to wipe it off. Grabbing his cheeks with her right hand, she squeezed them tightly, causing him to stumble slightly.
Amanda’s right hand smacked her face hard.

“Stand still you idiot”
Repositioning herself, Jamima again had her cheeks squashed by Amanda’s hand and had her face yanked left then right.
Then it came to the sissy panty inspection. Lifting up her skirt, Amanda leaned over to inspect Jamima's knickers.

“What the hell? For god sake Jamima, what the hell is this? There are pre-cum stains on your sissy panties. You’ve been leaking pre-cum from your chastity. This will not do”
Her voice faltering, Jamima tried to explain

“I’m sorry Mistress. It’s just I haven’t cum in over 3 months and me………”
A vicious slap from Amanda’s right hand stopped the pathetic stammering a pleading in its tracks.
“Did I ask you for an explanation? Do you even think I care?”
“No Mistress, I’m Sor……….”

Her left hand this time smacked across Jamima's cheek, causing her to see stars and her cheek began to burn.

“Did I say you could speak? I’m not interested in your excuses. All I care about is that you have failed your inspection”
Grabbing her by the ear, Amanda pulled her blackmailed sissy maid into the bathroom situated to her left. Using all her considerable strength and momentum, she yanked Jamima into the bathroom and forced her downwards, causing her to fall onto the hard, cold tiles. Without giving her slave a chance to come to, Amanda grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her over to the toilet. Lifting the seat, she pulled Jamimas head up so she was looking at her Mistress and owner.

“Dirty little sissy bitches who soil their panties need to be punished. WithOUT exception. Now get your head in that toilet bowl”
Slowly, Jamima lowered her head into the bowl. The coldness was prominent and sounds echoed in the small space her head now occupied.

Straight away, she felt Mistresses boot on the back of her neck, forcing her head into the bowl to keep it in place. Her neck forced against the porcelain seat and her face deep in the toilet pan, Jamima was deeply humiliated. Mistress Amanda’s yelling was echoing in the ears of her slave.

“You pathetic dirty little sissy bitch. Soiling your perfectly clean underwear with male cum? Pathetic”
Pushing down hard on the back of her sissies’ head, Amanda reached over and grabbed the cistern handle.
“Maybe this will teach you a lesson” and with that, she yanked the handle and flushed jamimas head down the toilet. The bowl filled with water. It went in her ears, in her nose. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut as the water swirled all around.
Finally, the water stopped. She could hear the tank refilling. She coughed and spluttered and spat out some water she had ingested. Releasing her boot from the back of her head, Amanda pulled her head out of the toilet. Water ran into her eyes and she tried to blink it away while also coughing and blowing water from her lips.

“Great. And now your fucking makeups running. Imbecile”
With a hiss, the cistern stopped refilling. Forcing Jamimas head back into the bowl, Amanda yelled at her for letting her make up the run.
“No, please Mistress. Not again” she pleaded but it fell on deaf ears.
Again the bowl filled with water and again it went in her ears, mouth and eyes.
As the water stopped running, Jamima tried to lift her head from the bowl only to have it forced back in
“What do you think you’re doing? Did I say you could take your head out of there?” Amanda said sternly. “No, I didn’t”
She grabbed the seat and lid and pulled them forward and let them fall
with a bang onto Jamima's upper back. With water dripping down and running down her face, into her nose and onto her lips, Jamima was focused on catching her breath but still noticed the darkness as the seat and lid blocked out the light.
“You can stay with your head in there for a while and think about what a dirty little sissy bitch you are. Maybe that will teach you to buck up your ideas a bit”
With that she left without another word, leaving Jamima with her head in the toilet to think about how she was going to avoid such a degrading episode in the future. It would be some hours before Mistress Amanda returned. This is the life you have to lead when dealing with cruel women in charge