Sissy Made to Serve Wifes Friends

MY Sissy Story – Made to Serve My Wives friends I was Humiliated

As she straightened my French maid outfit, my Mistress/wife Susan was muttering away to herself.

“can’t even get your dress straight, what kind of sissy are you? I need to do everything myself”

We had been married for 20 years and I have always dreamed of being a sissy slave and slowly but surely my wife began to bring parts of it into our everyday lives till I was a complete sissified slave to her.

She has changed recently, more specifically since she locked a chastity device on my cock two months ago to stop my orgasms cold-turkey to control my backchat and complaining, and is now much stricter and has developed a more acid-tongued approach to dealing with me. Still, I am a sissy maid slave to a dominant woman and that was always the fantasy. No sense complaining now it has actually happened.

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This particular night was going to be a tough one. She had told me casually this morning while I was serving her morning coffee that she had invited three of the other girls from her office to come to dinner tonight and that I would be serving them. Just matter of factly while flicking through the newspaper she had dropped this huge humiliation bomb on me.

My blood ran cold and beads of sweat appeared on my forehead but I dared not protest. All-day I have been dreading this time and now It was here. With my make up all done, my French maids outfit pristine and now straight, my 4 inch high heels shoes padlocked on my feet, fresh sissy panties on, my blond wig and make up all done up, I was ready.

She shoved me over towards the full-length mirror in the corner of the bedroom. I looked at myself and barely recognised myself as a male. The look in my eye was evidence I wasn’t anymore anyway. I was beaten. Broken. Reduced to nothing and built back together as a sissy bitch slave for a dominant wife and Mistress.

sissy humiliation

“Come on, let’s go. They’ll be here any moment” she said and walked out of the bedroom and went downstairs. I dutifully followed, the clicking of my high heels matching Susan’s. A strange thing for a husband to realise about his and his wife’s shoes.
We went into the sitting room and Susan sat on the large leather chair. I stood beside the doorway with my ankles together and my hands clasped in front of me as I had been trained to do. She flicked on the TV and sat watching a news piece about the change in power within modern marriages. How appropriate.

The doorbell went and my stomach tightened. I let out an involuntary gasp and I looked nervously to the front door. I could make out the shapes of the people on the other side. I looked back at Susan pleadingly, hoping in vain this was all some sort of joke and I would be allowed to run and hide upstairs. No such luck

“It’s not going to open itself, Jessica,” she said, Jessica, being the sissy name she chose for me, “So go and answer it and let them in. I’ve told them all about you anyway”

I walked slowly to the door and reached for the handle. Taking a deep breath, I turned it and opened the door. I was greeted with the sight of three women aged about 30 to 40 years of age. They were talking and turned as I opened the door and they fell silent and stared at me in shock.

“Good evening Madam’s, please come in”

I could see them trying not to burst out laughing and one of them put her hand over her mouth and I heard a snigger emit from behind it. I stood to the side and let them in.

I showed them through to the dining room where Susan was already waiting
“Hello darlings,” She said and kissed them each on both cheeks “Welcome”
I stood in the doorway. They each removed their coats and jackets and without a word draped them over my outstretched arm. As they sat down at the table, I went to hang them up on the coat hooks attached to the wall in the hallway.

dominated sissy

I made my way back through and stood silently.
My cheeks burned as they all sat looking at me. I wished for the ground to open up and swallow me. Susan looked at me and raised her eyebrow with a“Well?” look on her face. I snapped out of it and composed myself.
“Would you like a drink Madams?” I asked

I heard a snort from the room and an “Oh my god” muttered under someone’s breath.
They each wanted wine so I got a bottle and four glasses and returned. I poured each of them a glass and curtseyed as I did so. This was too much for them and they all burst out laughing.

“Come here” beckoned one of them. I walked over and stood beside her. She looked up at me, her legs crossed and her side split beige skirt displayed just a hint of stocking top. She reached over and unashamedly played with my dress, fluffed it and lifted it to display my panties to the group. They all laughed and the ice was broken for them.

The next few hours were spent serving them the 3-course meal I had made, pouring them drinks and having them enjoy humiliating me.

Trudy had me get on my knees, remove her shoes and massage her feet. Samantha spilt a forkful of peas on the floor and made me eat them from the ground. Brianna hoisted my skirt up and ran her fingernails along with my balls and tickled them to make my cock swell in my chastity and laughed as I groaned. They were certainly at ease degrading this humiliated sissy maid who stood before them and served them.


After their meal they retired to the sitting room and had more wine, getting drunker and more adventurous towards the treatment I received. When I wasn’t pouring drinks, I performed other tasks.

Kneeling beside Brianna holding a bowl of potato chips for her to munch on. Massaging Samantha’s feet through her pantyhose. On my hands and knees beside Susan, as she used my back as a place to set her drink or kneeling in front of Trudy to be used as a footstool. By now I was totally broken and barely heard the laughing and sniggering as I was routinely humiliated by this gaggle of office girls. I was totally degraded and completely broken. I meekly followed every command.

“So are you just totally pathetic or did it take years of practice?”
“You’re a bit of a loser really aren’t you?”
“Do you enjoy not getting to cum anymore?”
“Why don’t you put on a little dance for us?”

Were just some of the questions I was forced to answer throughout the evening, and I answered each one no matter how humiliated I felt. They were in roars of laughter and almost falling over with their sides splitting.
Finally, at about 1.30 am they made moves and called a cab. When it arrived I showed them out. Trudy patted my cheek hard as she left, Brianna ruffled my wig and laughed while Samantha simply sniggered as she walked past.

“Bye girls” called Susan as they waved and got into the waiting cab, the cabbie looking at me with disbelief etched on his face “See you on Monday”
She waved and they waved back and the taxi drove off into the night. It turned right at the end of the street and everything fell quiet.
I closed the door and followed Susan back into the sitting room

“Well that went well didn’t it Jessica?”
“Yes Ma’am” I replied
“Was quite humiliating for you wasn’t it? Having to serve my friends?”
“Yes ma’am, very”
“Well get used to it because this was the first of many. Christmas is coming up. Maybe I’ll have you serve everyone at the office party”
I stood in shock as she walked away. My mind was racing 100mph. Did she mean it? Was she being serious? Was she playing mind fuck games with me? All these questions whizzed through my head as I began to tidy up and clean the place before I could go to bed. Susan was already upstairs relaxing of course, leaving me down here to get on with my chores and wonder what else she had in store for me after tonight’s episode where I served her friends dressed as a sissy maid

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