Sex Slave Has Face Riden

The Kinky Sex Slave has face sitting Session

The cuffs snapped shut and I was now helpless and spread-eagled on the bed. Mistress Jennifer had dragged me from my cage in the basement up to the bedroom without a word and threw me on the bed. She had secured each of my hands to the two headboard posts and then my ankles were secured to the bottom ones. I lay perfectly still and offered no resistance when she was securing me. I learned a long time ago that was not a good idea.
The room was spacious. Around 18 feet by 14. It had a double bed with slatted headboard, two beech wood bedside cabinets with silver lamps on them, a matching chest of drawers with a flat screen tv mounted on the wall. It was all tastefully decorated in light grey and had an air of tranquillity and calm. It was where Mistress came to relax. Many a time I had massaged her feet in here while she lay watching Netflix.

Not today though. Today she had something else in store for me. I was completely naked and now secured tightly to the bed. I watched as she walked around, checking each cuff was secure by giving them a light tug. Mistress Jennifer was around 5ft 8 with light blonde hair. She has a 36-42-36 figure and she was wearing loose fitting black jogging pants, a green Nirvana t-shirt and her hair was hanging loose over both sides of her head. She was a complete knock out, and every guys dream woman. I considered my self extremely fortunate to have the honour of serving her.

When she was happy I was immobile, she went to the drawers and opened the top one. She rummaged around for a few seconds and then pulled out what I knew she was going for. The face dildo. She looked at me with a wry smile and walked over to me with purpose. She pushed the nub end into my mouth and roughly pulled my head forward. I felt her fasten the strap to the back of my head and then released the grip she had of me, causing my head to flop back down on the pillow. The face dildo is 10 inches long so I could see it clearly sticking up from my mouth. I was forced to breathe through my nose while wearing it of course and my breathing felt heavy.

She smiled at me and patted me on the cheek

“Now don’t you go anywhere pet. I’ll be back soon”

With that, she went to the ensuite bathroom and closed the door. I could hear her moving around in there, humming away to herself. After about ten minutes the door opened and she walked through. She was now naked and wearing only a see-through silk nightie with a pair of tiny knickers on. She leaned against the door frame with one foot crossed over the other.

“What do you think? Stunning huh?” She said, almost mockingly since she knew I couldn’t answer
“mmmmmmh mmmmmmmh mmmmmmmmmm” Was all I could manage through the bulbous ball of rubber I had strapped in my mouth. The 8-inch rubber cock swayed above my face as I tried to speak. It was incredibly humiliating I have to say.
“Right, let’s get this show on the road then shall we”

And with that she walked over to the bed, her bare feet padding lightly on the laminate flooring. She put her right knee beside my head and swung herself over my face and put her other knee down. She was now straddling my face and towering above me. My breathing was quickening and I felt like my heart was going to burst from my chest.
Mistress has an incredible body. Very firm and toned and she is bronzed and tanned as well. My cock was already rock hard and stiff but I knew there would be no pleasure for me here. None. This was all about her.

“Do you like what you see slave? Huh?” She said as she rubbed her stomach and slid her hand down between her legs to her pleasure area.

“God it turns me on to see you strapped to my bed helpless and waiting to pleasure me”

She took her right hand and started slowly wanking my face cock whilst also rubbing herself over her panties. She moaned slightly and bit her bottom lip. Her eyes were closed and she was beginning to breath quicker.
Then without another word, she pulled her panties to the side and wiggled herself forward slightly. Her shaven pussy for inches from my face. So near and yet so far. I could see her juices glistening. She lowered herself and my face-cock slowly went inside her. She gasped as it entered. She leaned forward and grabbed the headboard. It went darker for me as her body got to my face. Her pierced navel was right above my eyes.

She groaned and moaned as she rode my face. Slowly at first, she rose up and down on it. The noises she was making were soft and erotic and my cock was fit to bursting. I could feel the pre-cum leaking out.
She quicked her pace and began to bounce faster and faster. With her right hand, she began to rub her clit while her left was still grabbing the headboard. The rubber cock was glistening with her juices. She was going all the way up till almost at the tip then back down and taking the full hard 8 inches. She moved her left hand and grabbed my hair as she faces fucked me. She was not giving a damn about how uncomfortable this was for me or how painful it was. She was so turned on and excited, so lost in her pleasure, that she was yanking my hair and forcing my head back and forward as well as side to side. She was panting and screaming and every time she went up I could see her body was covered in sweat. It glistened and shone in the light and her hair was matted as well.

“Oh god. God this feels good. Oh I love fucking your face”

Her movements quickened and I felt her body begin to stiffen. She grunted, groaned and then a huge big gasp as she came. She flopped forward and covered my face with her stomach and lay like that for a few moments panting quickly, trying to get her breath back.
Eventually, she slid off my face and lay beside me. The dick was soaking wet above me.

“Wow, that was good. I feel sooooo satisfied.” She purred.
Then she hopped off the bed and walked to the ensuite. She turned the shower on and disappeared behind the door. I saw her knickers and nightie get thrown to the floor and I heard her step into the cubicle.
I lay on the bed still with the face-dildo attached and covered in pussy juice. My arms and hands were numb and aching and my cock was solid and still oozing pre-cum. I was desperate to cum myself but knew that was a remote possibility.
I lay in silence, listening to the water in the shower, imagining her in there soapy and lathering herself, waiting on her finishing and to be taken back downstairs and put back in my cage. This is how this Mistress likes to tease her slaves to make them feel helpless but desperate any bondage and tease session you have with her will be one you will never forget

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