repairman jerks off sniffing housewifes panties

Repairman jerks off sniffing housewifes panties

The phone in my van rang at 1615. Damn it. That meant another job. I was hoping to be finished and to head home. I had spent all afternoon trying to fix the wiring in a kitchen and I was tired, dirty and I had been dreaming of a 12” pepperoni pizza for the last 2 hours

“Hello,” I said wearily as I answered it
“Hi, Mike” came the cheery voice of Amanda from the office “Got an emergency job for you. Woman says her electrics are all out. Can you help?”

I sighed heavily “I suppose so. Send me the address”
Thirty seconds later my works pda bleeped with an address. Miss Hodges. I punched the postcode into my sat nav. It was only ten minutes away. Could be worse.

I made my way to the address. It was a mid terrace building with a small front garden. I parked my van, grabbed my tools from the back and went to the front door. Pressing the bell, I waited.
I heard footsteps approaching and then a silhouette appeared in the frosted glass. The door opened and standing before me was an incredibly attractive woman who I put at about 35. She was about my height with shoulder length black hair, blue eyes and a knockout body, perfectly shown off by her tight pants and t-shirt. She was bare foot to boot. I composed myself
“Hi miss Hodges, I’m Mike from ADC electrics. You called about a problem?”

“Yes, I did. Come in. Thank you so much for coming at such notice and please, call me Anna”
I stepped into the modern decorated hallway.
“No problem Anna. What’s the issue?”

“None of my electrics are working. I plugged my hairdryer in upstairs, switched it on and all the fuses blew for the upstairs electrics. I tried to reset it as my husband showed me a while ago but it’s not working. Hess out of town and I can’t reach him on his mobile. I’m supposed to be going out soon and my hair is soaking. Please help”
I laughed “Relax, ill fix it. Can you show me where you plugged the dryer in? Which socket?”
“It’s upstairs, first room on the left. Can you see yourself up? I have my dinner on the stove”
“Yeah sure. Don’t worry”

I climbed the stairs and turned left in to the bedroom. It was a fair enough size with a double bed, chest of drawers and a wardrobe. I saw the hairdryer on the floor next to the drawers, still plugged into the socket
Will some people never learn I thought? Its blew the fuses yet still she left it plugged in?

I unplugged it and knelt down to check the socket wiring. I took out one screw and went to put it on top of the drawers when I noticed the top drawer was open slightly. I glanced in and my heart skipped a beat. It was her panty drawer, and it was jammed full. I have always had a thing for women’s knickers and this was too good to be true. I crept to the door and peeked downstairs. All clear. I heard her in the kitchen, rattling the cutlery.

I snuck back over to the drawer and opened it. It was a regular treasure trove for a guy like me. There were thongs, panties, pantyhose, briefs, bikini bottoms, knickers and even a few pairs of granny panties in there, each of all colours. Red, blue, purple, white, even a few leopard print ones!
I was in heaven. I took a breath, my heart beating furiously, and put my hand in the drawer an picked a pair at random. I pulled out a pair of tiger striped skimpy panties. There was a triangle front part and a piece of string at the back. Her husband was a lucky man to see her in these, that’s for sure!

I felt them in my hand, caressed the material and stroked it. I felt my dick stir and twitch. I could barely breathe. I fitted the triangle area in my hand and brought it up to my face. I placed it over my nose and inhaled deeply. God the smell was intoxicating. I could just imagine where this material had been.

I put the back in the drawer and took out another pair. This time I got a red pair of knickers. Silk, with see-through lace at the bottom of the holes for the legs. Even better than the last pair I thought
I listened carefully. I could still hear her downstairs. Again, I brought them up to my face and sniffed them. I’ve always been a panty sniffer and this was gold to me. I inhaled deeply and got a faint whiff of sweat. My cock throbbed. I instinctively put my hand down the front of my trousers and grabbed my meat and began to jerk off. Inhaling deeply, I sniffed those panties and wanked my dick.

It only took a few minutes and I felt myself start to cum. Faster and faster and I felt my penis stiffen then I felt the surge of relief as I came. I shot spunk out all over the inside of my trousers with this sexy milfs panties on my face. I groaned and leaned on the drawers for support and milked my cock of its last drops.
I took my hand out and put the panties back in the drawer. Then I had an idea. I couldn’t help myself. I took out a pair of red knickers with a white bow on the front and stuffed them on my pocket. They’ll be handy for later I thought.

I took a deep breath and got back to the faulty socket. It was a loose wire at the back. Two minutes and it was fixed and I was on my way downstairs.
She came to greet me in the hall.
“Is that it all working again?”
“Yes,” I said, as I imagined her in the panties I had stuffed in my pocket and thought about what she would look like with them on.
“Oh, fantastic. How much do I owe you?”
She paid me the cash and bade me farewell.
I left her house and walked back to my van with cum running from my cock and down my leg and a pair of sexy housewife’s panties in my pocket.
All in all I’m glad I took that last job of the day

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