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The term Backchannel refers to an online conversation taking place at the same time as people are talking live. Use Backchannel to enhance an online conversation during your presentations, seminars, conferences or other interactive media events.
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Backchannel options.

Backchannels can be set up in two ways:

  • Simple backchannel that is simply a live online conversation via social media. These solutions include usage of a Twitter hashtag or other ID-like character combination in order to identify which messages belong to particular backchannel.
  • Advanced backchannel - in addition to social buzz, there can be added functionality like online video broadcast from the event, file uploading and storing options. These kind of backchannels are established by using some online web service, that offers such functionality.



Why use backchannel?

By providing your event with a official backchannel, it is possible to leverage from following advantages:

  • Gain additional audience, bring your event out of the four walls of the venue
  • By using social media as a communication tool, raise more awareness and interest amongst the ever-growing social media community
  • No more physical limitations of the number of participants – online broadcast and social media backchannel makes it possible to engage virtually limitless amounts of interested people
  • Advanced backchannel options can provide visual material after the event – video recording, files and other media, that can be made accessible for everyone long after the event.



Veritweet as backchannel. Advantages.

Veritweet offers the ability to create authenticated backchannels for conferences, seminars and events. Allow real time comments during your presentations without moderation by leveraging Veritweet`s advantages:

  • Create dedicated backchannel page (channel)
  • Real time Twitter comments and questions from verified participants – no worries of fake profiles or theft identities
  • No moderation required
  • Attach PDF files or images together with channel posts – easily share presentations, documents and other important or necessary information
  • Event hashtag or similar identificator not required – all the participants do the discussion straight into the backchannel page
  • Backchannel comments with automatically included backlink are syncronised with Twitter, therefore bringing the posts into the ever-growing Twitter user community

Additionally Veritweet can offer following customised options:

  • Embedded live video in the backchannel page
  • Automatically generated backchannel screen in fullscreen mode for displaying it in front of the audience



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