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Veritweet – Real people and Trustworthy communication.

Micro-blogging service Veritweet is Twitter client with added visual functionalities, like photos and vids, but most important feature is to serve mostly to VERIFIED users – People and Companies, thereby creating  higher quality content.
Registered and verified users can post 140-character real time messages and share their opinions, ask questions, express emotions or simply tell their status.
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Authorisation for Everyone.

All users have to be verified in order to access full functionality of Veritweet services. Verified status can be achieved trough authorisation process – we check Your identity before allowing to enjoy full Veritweet experience.

Added functionality.

Veritweet posts can have more than 140-character message. You can upload a picture or PDF file together with Your entry. Your profile is called channel. Verified users can post not only in their own channels, but on others as well.

High quality content.

User authorisation gives a valuable advantage – the content generated by these users boasts higher quality. No more spam or fraudulent information on social media world.

Linked with Twitter.

Easy linking with Your existing Twitter account lets You have all tweets on Veritweet. Opposite works as well – messages posted on Veritweet are automatically sent to corresponding Twitter account.