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Veritweet features

Verification for everyone.

No matter if You are celebrity or ordinary person, verification is mandatory for everyone. We ensure that Veritweet users are authentic.

Social channels.

Your account is called Channel. Posting messages is allowed not only in Your own channel, but in others as well, therefore social media becomes even more social.


Identifying specific channel is easy. Just use the dot in front of the channel name.  It works similarily as, for example, @ in Twitter.

Face recognition.

Profile pictures go through algorithm, that looks for facial features. We stand for real people in social media, therefore real profile picture is a must.

Attach PDF files.

140-characters in a post can be supplemented by attached PDF file. It is an easy way to share Your information directly into posts.

Link shortener.

Veritweet`s own hyperlink shortener improves the speed of posting messages.

Upload pictures.

A picture sometimes is worth more than 140-characters of post. Upload photo together with Your message in easy and fast way.

Channel categories.

Veritweet profiles are divided in several categories: People, Governmental, Band, TV, Media, Event, Radio or Company. Users can immediately tell if channel belongs to person, corporate structure, media entity etc.

Twitter integration.

Easy linking with Your existing Twitter account lets You have all tweets on Veritweet. Opposite works as well – messages posted on Veritweet are automatically sent to corresponding Twitter account.

Real name – Username.

Upon registration your real name should be entered. It is the basis for deriving your username, which will in most cases look the same as your real name. No custom and impersonal usernames required.

Verification bars.

On top of each profile page verification bar appears with essential information about user`s status – non verified (red), verified (yellow) or authorised (green). You can easily distinguish real users from those who have not authorized their personalities.