I sat down there close to the window at the bar thinking about what Pamela had in store for me. She was my girlfriend's best friend and she had caught me cheating on her friend with the big-booty girl next door to me. I was almost balls deep in her pussy when she walked in. Silly me, I was too horny to shut the damn door. What Pamela had in store for me, I didn't know but I was sure as hell going to find out real soon. My phone buzzed in my jacket, it was Pamela, she told me to meet her in her apartment. Why her apartment, why not the bar as we earlier planned. I had to dance to her tune to prevent her from telling my girlfriend about my sexcapades.

I took a cab and got to her apartment, I hit the doorbell and I could swear the door opened in less than a second, she invited me in. She was dressed in a white crop top and a denim bum shorts, she had no bra on, that definitely caught my attention, Now Pamela was beautiful, not as beautiful as my girlfriend but she was still pretty, she had fairly large boobs and a perfectly curved ass. I myself wasn't bad. I was 6'2 with an averagely shredded body and a full beard.

"Stay here",

her voice brought me back to reality.

She walked into her room and brought out a beautiful pink gown, a type all those Disney princesses wore in the cartoons I watched with my sisters while growing up. "Remove your clothes", she snapped. I thought I heard wrong.

"Get those clothes off you!",

she repeated this time sterner than the former. I slowly obliged. My watch went first, then my sneakers, my socks followed and all other pieces of clothing I had on, I was down to my boxers.

"Take that off too",

she said slowly. I wanted to talk but her look told me she meant business. Slowly I took off my boxers, I was now stark naked, my butt, balls, cock, everything was there for her to see. She stared for a long time at my dick and I could bet she licked her lips. She tossed the gown to me and told me to put it on.

I struggled with the gown, I was a man and this gown was obviously made for a lady. After minutes of struggling, wriggling and turning, I finally managed to settle the gown on my masculine self. I felt embarrassed in the attire, but Pamela didn't seem to care.

She brought make-up and did her girly thing on my face. After the face-beat, she told me to cat-walk a bit and she took pictures to show me she meant business, then she told me to take it off. I obeyed, then she proceeded to wipe the makeup off my face.

Once again I was naked, I wondered what she wanted me to do this time. She led me into her bedroom, told me to lie face up on the bed and then she tied my hands and legs to the bedposts.

"You like sticking that cock of yours into pussies, don't you?",

she asked without demanding an answer. She just stood there staring at me, then all of a sudden she undid her top, my guess was correct, she had no bra on. Her tits fell out and I could immediately feel blood slowly making way to my cock.

I had to agree, she had beautiful boobs, fairly large with dark puffy nipples. She pulled her shorts too, she had a well-trimmed triangular patch of hair above her pussy, and a curvy ass.

By now, my dick was erect, still lying on my tummy but it was erect.

"Now, that is all you will be seeing ",

she said as she approached me with a piece of cloth to blindfold me. Darkness followed and I knew I was now at her mercy. Hands and legs tied, eyes shut, then it dawned on me. I was going to be dominated. A cold like liquid hit my chest almost immediately,

"its just lube, relax",

she said before I could protest. She poured the lube all over my chest, down to my tummy and my cock region. She started with my chest, gently rubbing the lube all over, squeezing my nipples gently and playing with the small tuff of hair above my tummy, she proceeded to my tummy and then to the small region above my dick.

She brushed my 7-inch cock with her fingers and then she brought her hands rapidly back to my chest. She was teasing me and it was working. My dick and balls yearned for her touch. After several minutes of teasing, she finally went down. My now fully erect cock twitched in her hand as she held it, she rubbed a finger or two on the tip and I shuddered.

Slowly and gently she began to bump her hand, up, down, up, down she went, she added a twist here and there but it was the same exercise, gradually she increased her tempo, she then switched to both hands as she continued to work her magic.

As she kept on bumping my fat cock, I could feel the tension building in my balls. I let out a small grunt in ecstasy and I guessed that must have given her a clue as she immediately brought down a hand to cup and fondle my balls. That was it for me as I shut out spurts after spurts of cum all the while grunting and shuddering. She didn't let go of my dick though, as she kept bumping fast and hard and finally she squeezed out the last drops of sperm from my now semi-erect cock.

I was breathing hard but I guess she wasn't done with me as she almost immediately straddled me, the heat from her obviously wet pussy directly on my dick. She removed the blindfold and stared at me for a while, then she leaned towards my ear and whispered,

"now I want you to stick that cock in me and fuck me like crazy".

She didn't wait for me to respond as she immediately brought her soft lips down on mine. She bit my lower lip gently and my mouth opened accepting the invitation of her tongue, our tongues twirled in a both passionate and rash kiss. My hands travelled from her neck down to her waist and slowly I turned her and we switched positions.

I continued kissing her but my hands kept on exploring. I broke the kiss and took my mouth down to her chest. One after the other, I took her puffy nipples in my mouth and sucked and nibbled at them. I twirled my tongue around her nipples and I could hear a groan escape her lips, I kissed her tummy down on her inner thighs but I hesitated to bring my mouth down to her pussy. It was payback time, I was going to tease her too.

After a bit of teasing, I finally brought the assault down on her pussy. I licked all the way from her clit down to her asshole, she groaned and shuddered. I played with her clit, rubbing it with my fingers and at the same time sucking on the love button, I went down to her pussy and I could swear I never tongue-fucked any girl better.

She didn't allow me the total pleasure as she grabbed my head and started at her own tempo, she was literally fucking herself with my tongue! I knew she was near her orgasm, so I allowed her to do her thing, she increased the tempo and boom! Her squirt was all over my face, my mouth, the bed, she kept shaking and groaning from the orgasm.

I gave her a split second to recover before I brought my fingers down on her pussy. I inserted a finger and started out slowly before increasing it to two and three, her moaning was now really audible. She didn't leave all the fun to me, however, as she proceeded to suck my cock. She placed her tongue on the tip and licked it, then she engulfed my dick in her warm mouth and gave my the best blowjob of my life.

"Now I want you to fuck me",

she said again, this time with a cute smile on her face. I brought my cock down to her opening and slowly and gently pushed in, I waited for her to adjust before thrusting the whole shaft in, a slight moan escaped her lips. I started out slowly, thrusting in and out, and then gradually I increased the tempo, I was almost balls deep now and she was moaning really loudly, I put her on all fours and switched to the doggy style.

This was my favourite position. I held her by the waist and pounded her pussy vigorously, all the while watching her big ass bounce with every thrust. She wasn't going to miss out on all the action, she switched positions, this time on top as she rode me like my last night on earth. We were both reaching our orgasms as I put her on her back, raised her legs and fucked her pussy.

That was it for her as the walls of her pussy held tight to my dick and she orgasmed, shortly after, I orgasmed too as spurts after spurts of warm cum made their way into her pussy. We collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily. "We should do this often", she said aloud. I nodded in agreement. She climbed on top of me again. It was going to be a long night.

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