Mind control Stories – Seduced in the Nightclub Erotic Mind control

Mind control Stories – Seduced in the Nightclub Erotic Mind control

mind control stories

I had been chatting with her for around 40 minutes and it was going great. I couldn’t believe my luck. Thursdays in “Chaos” nightclub were usually devoid of talent but this woman was incredible. Long dark hair, subtle makeup, skin-tight black dress, stockings, black high heels and a figure to die for. The second I saw her I knew I had to try my luck and she had responded positively. We were getting on great, laughing and flirting. I was definitely on for fucking her later, of that I was certain.I was always wary though as last time I saw such beauty it turned out to be a shemale

The music was loud and we were practically shouting at each other

“Hey, you wanna get out of here? Maybe we could go back to your place?” I enquired

I’m a reasonably good looking guy but this Goddess was way out of my league. Frankly, I was amazed I had gotten this far without her suddenly remembering an early morning meeting so I was flabbergasted when she said yes and got up off the red leather settee we were sitting on.

I threw the last of my vodka and coke down my neck and we went up the stairs and into the brisk November air. We hailed a cab and she told the driver her address. It was only a ten-minute ride away but as soon as he began to move, she was all over me! We kissed passionately and our hands were all over each other. I was gutted when we pulled to a stop!

We went up to her apartment, still groping and kissing each other the whole ride in the elevator. We staggered into her apartment and finally separated. She playfully pushed me away with a giggle and walked down the short hallway, past a half-moon shape little desk with a few pieces of mail on it and into the main living area.

I followed her.

“Take a seat,” she said, pointing to the settee “I’ll be back in a moment”

I looked around. The room was sparse yet homely at the same time. A settee, a chair, a tv unit with a flat-screen tv on it, A unit with a few drawers and some ornaments on it. A large potted plant in the corner and a few pictures on the wall. I sat nervously as I heard her walk back in.

She handed me a glass of vodka in it and sat with her own and we drank them together. I drank the last of mine quickly due to nerves and as I gulped the last of it down, I looked across to see her smirking. It was strikingly different than the look she had worn all night. It was almost perverse.

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“Is everything ok?” I asked

She said nothing and instead leaned back In her chair.

“Hey, I asked you a question” I prodded further.

My head began to feel hazy and everything went a bit blurry. My head slumped forward and I snapped it back up

“Hey, …what….whats…..happ….happ……happening to me?”

The room started spinning and my glass slipped through my fingers, landing on the laminate flooring with a crash as it shattered. I looked at her as I slumped forward, unable to control my body. She stood up from the chair and began to walk away. I reached up to her

“Help…….help me…….please. What have you……..you done?”

Then the blackness shrouded me and I fell forward.

The light slowly began to come into my vision as my eyes fluttered open. My head still felt groggy but less so than what I last remembered. I lifted my head and looked around. My head was pounding but when I tried to lift my hand, they were both secured to the arms of a chair. I looked at them in bewilderment. I was secured to a chair in the middle of her living room with a hand to each armrest and my ankles to the legs. I had also been stripped naked.  I looked at the clock on the wall and strained to focus. 1130am. I had been out for almost 8 hours. I shook my head. Trying to shift the cobwebs.

I heard footsteps as she entered the room. I turned to look as she came marching towards me with purpose.

“What the hells going on?” I demanded “Untie me now bitch. Now” as I struggled and fought.

She didn’t say a word as she grabbed my hair and forced my head back. She jammed a needle into my neck and injected something into me. I began to feel nauseous.

The tv flickered on and an image of her appeared. The room went dark and a voice boomed from speakers

“Your name is Spud. You will serve your Mistress”

Over and over again it repeated till I was tossing my head about and crying, wanting it to end.

Eventually, it stopped. The clock read 1430. Three hours I had been forced to listen

She came back in as I sobbed quietly, slumped in my chair

“What’s your name?” she demanded

“Robert. Robert Lawson” I said

Without another word, she yanked my hair and injected me again. The lights went out and the tv came on with her picture again

“NO” I screamed “Please. Don’t. No”

“Your name is Spud. You will serve your Mistress”

Eventually, it stopped. 1730. Another 3 hours. By now I was barely aware of my surroundings. My brain could barely focus.I remembered a similar situation when I visited an online femdom cams  session

“What is your name?”

I groaned and struggled to make my mouth move

“Spud. My name is spud”

She slapped me hard across the face

“Spud WHAT?” she screamed at me

“Why are you doing this?” I begged


Her hand smashed across my face, making me see stars.

“Spud WHAT?” she yelled again, venom in her voice

“What do you want me to say?” I pleaded, only to be met with another backhander


“My name is spud….M….M…..M…….Mistress” I sobbed “Please”

“Good boy. You’re learning”

And without another word, she yanked my head back again and stabbed the needle into my neck

“What are you doing? I said what you wanted?” I screamed as I struggled against my bonds

“Oh we are just getting started spud”

And with that, she left. Again the tv flickered into life and the same voice boomed out at me

“Any command you are given after the word spud, you will comply. You belong to her”.

The door closed

Again the door opened a few hours later and she walked in. I groggily lifted my head.

“What is your name? “she demanded

“My name is spud Mistress”

“And who do you belong to?”

“I belong to you Mistress,” I said, almost involuntarily.

“Good. We’re ready to move on”

She leaned down and undid my bonds. Finally, I was free but I couldn’t move. I wanted to but for some reason, my legs wouldn’t obey my brain no matter how hard I tried.

“Wondering why you can’t stand up? Allow me to explain. Inside the needle was a solution called entraobynizime. It’s a powerful antibody that opens anyone’s mind and lets outside thought in to remap their brain. You were given high doses while hearing what I wanted from you. Now you can’t do anything of your own free will. You cant do ANYTHING unless I say your name and then tell you to do it. Understand?”

“Bullshit” I retorted “You’re talking bullshit. I’m leaving”

“Really” she mocked. “Ok, let me prove it”

She walked over to the door and opened it

“If you walk out this door in the next 60 seconds ill let you go back to your normal life”

She threw it open and leaned against the door frame with her arms folded and looked at me with a smirk

“Come on then. If I’m lying and you’re leaving, on you go”

I tried with all my might to move but I couldn’t get out of the chair. I grunted with the effort and strained as I looked at my legs which felt as if they were made from concrete. She told me she had a black woman coming to join in

She laughed mockingly

“Times up. Guess you don’t want to leave after all then eh?”

“You bitch. What the fuck have you done to me?”

“I told you, you’re my puppet now. You do whatever I say whenever I say and there is NOTHING you can do to stop it no matter how humiliating, degrading, painful or horrible it is. You are at my total mercy. Let’s have a demonstration. You just called me a bitch and that’s no way for a slave to talk to his Mistress. Let’s kill two birds with one stone. A demonstration of the power I have over you and punishment for backchat. Ok?”

“How the hell did this happen?” I wondered out loud

“Spud, stand up”


Straight away, I rose from the chair. My eyes widened in shock

“What the hell? How did you do that?”

She laughed “I told you. I control you. Your brain and body aren’t yours anymore”

“Spud, walk to the door”

My legs moved against my will and to me to the door. I tried to resist but they had a mind of their own. I stood facing her now, naked and bewildered.

She looked down at my cock and sneered this reminded me of the cam to Cam sex I had once before with a similar dominatrix

“God knows what I’ve had done with THAT tiny stub. That’s the smallest, ugliest cock I’ve ever seen. Spud, put your cock and balls against the door frame”

Again, my body did as she commanded. My balls and cock were against the wooden door jam.

“Spud, grab the edge of the door”

I reached out and held the door. Straight away it hit me what she had planned. My blood ran cold and my heart stopped. Adrenaline pumped through me and I started shaking

“Oh god. No. Please. I’m sorry I called you a bitch. Please. Don’t. I won’t do it again. I promise”

“Oh, I know you won’t. I’m going to see that right now. Spud,”

“No. Please”

“….Slam the door closed. Hard”

I closed my eyes as my arm stretched out and then slammed the door closed with a bang, crushing my testicles and cock as it did so. I saw stars and felt pain like I’ve never felt before. I crumpled to the floor, howling in agony.

“Spud, stand up”

I stood up shakily with that sickly feeling in my stomach. I couldn’t stand up straight.

“Spud, put your cock and balls on the door frame”

“Oh my god. NO. Please. Please ill do anything. Not again. PLEASE,” I was literally screaming at her not to do this. Tears were running down my face as I pleaded and begged but she simply looked at me

“Spud, slam the door closed”

BANG the door slammed shut. Darkness surrounded me and I passed out.

My eyes flickered open and the light blinded me. I squinted and felt her pour more cold water on my face.

“Wakey wakey spud. Lots to do. No time for sleeping”

The pain in my balls was intense. She had really done a number on them.

“Spud, get on all fours”

I moved onto my hands and knees, my balls aching with every movement. She turned away from me. She had on a short leather dress and a black t-shirt. Her ass looked absolutely perfect. Who would have thought only 48 hours ago I was grabbing it in Chaos and thinking how lucky I was. How times change

“Spud, crawl over here”

I crawled over behind her and looked up. She grabbed the back of her skirt and hoisted it up. She didn’t even look at me as she spoke

“Spud, kiss my ass”

I heavily rose to my knees and began planting kisses on her bare cheeks. She started laughing and her cheeks jiggled as I kept kissing them for what felt like an age.

“Spud, kiss my feet”

I moved in front of her and immediately began kissing her feet. Her toes were perfectly painted and manicured and her feet were the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen. I kissed them for almost ten minutes, unable to stop or move no matter how much my knees hurt.

“That’s enough. Spud, stand up”

I rose to my feet and stood in front of her

“You’ve made your point.” I said “Release me now. Please”

“Made my point? What point? I wanted a slave. A puppet. A toy I can play with and make do whatever I want and now I have it”

“What did I do to deserve this?” I sobbed, tears starting to form in my eyes

She leaned in so her face was an inch from mine.

“Nothing,” she said simply.

“Ok,” she said, moving back with a calm tone of voice “You must be hungry”

She was right. I hadn’t eaten in two days and I was starving.

“Spud..” She looked at me with a sadistic smirk on her face “…..Go to the kitchen, open a tin of dog food and scoop it out into a bowl then bring it back out here”

I gulped and suddenly my appetite vanished but of course, I was powerless to resist. As I scooped the dog food into a bowl the smell hit the back of my throat and made me gag. I took the bowl back out and over to where she stood. She took it from me and snorted and hacked and then spat a huge phlegm ball into the bowl. IT was yellow and thick and looked disgusting. She then began spitting and covering the bowl in it and then gave it back to me. I looked at it miserably.

“Spud, get on your knees and place the bowl at my feet”

I did so.

“Please don’t do this. I’ll do anything you want. Please”

“That’s IT” she snapped. “I’m sick of your backchat already. Spud, no more talking”

I now couldn’t speak. I was mute. I tried to speak but no words came out.

“Good. Now we’ve dealt with your whiney voice, let’s get started with your slave feeding. You must be starving.”

She tapped the bowl with her foot.

“Spud, eat the contents of this bowl”

I tried to plead but I had no choice but to stay silent. I was under the mind control of a gorgeous woman and there was nothing I could do about it.

I opened my mouth and began to eat the rancid mix of dog food, phlegm and spit.

I heaved and gagged but managed to keep it down.

“Good boy. Hope you enjoyed that because it’s going to be your diet for the foreseeable future. Spud, on your feet and go and stand in the corner facing the wall”

I rose and walked to the corner and stood facing it

“You can stand here for a few hours and contemplate your new life”

Without another word she walked out and closed the door behind her. I stood in silence and thought of how I was now her slave and how quickly her mind control had taken hold. I was hers forever now and I this sadistic Mistress was sure to make sure I felt every single second.

I stood facing the wall, unable to speak or move, only able to wait for, and dread, her return

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