Jerk Off Instructions

Jerk off Instruction cams

 Jerk Off Instructions – It is a biological medical fact that men need to cum every so often to release the build-up of cum in their balls. Real men can get laid or have a wank when they feel like it but for weak, insignificant male slaves under the control of dominant women, are presenting them with a problem.

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Any dominatrix knows that controlling a slave’s orgasms is the quickest and best way to control him. Restrict his masturbation, either by telling him it’s not allowed or locking him in chastity and becoming his keyholder and only giving him relief on rare occasions and you will have a dutiful, obedient, submissive slave in no time at all.


They Control How you Wank They Give You Instructions On MASTURBATION

Unfortunately, however, it is a fact that these slaves need to ejaculate and expel the weeks or months of pent-up cum. It is a pain for any Mistress to have to let it happen.

They would much prefer they suffer the frustration and remain obedient and subservient but a damaged slave is no good so It needs to happen and the Mistresses online who perform live webcam domination are no different. Check out the JOI Cams here for more instructions

jerk off instructions

They know that a weakling like you still needs to orgasm but that does not mean they have to let you enjoy it. Oh no, these mean bitches online have something else in store for the likes of you. No knocking out a wank at your own pace and leisure. No enjoying the sensation and having fun with it. Nope. Get ready to view a cheap fetish webcam right here

These dommes will use jerk-off instructions and they will control every aspect of your masturbating.
From the second they allow you to touch that thing you have between your legs they will be telling you what to do with it. They will control
–  How fast you wank
– How slow
– What hand do you use
– How many fingers
– How many strokes you can take
– Tell you only to use upwards or downward strokes
– Make you use only the bottom half of your shaft
– Or anything else they can think of




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They Humiliate and Degrade and Laugh at they give you those Jerk Instructions live

These mean bitches will make you suffer and earn your relief. They will force you to edge over and over again. Wanking slowly then fast then slow then fast, forcing you to switch hands and then to use only three fingers.

Then they’ll make you only do downward strokes till your cock is throbbing and there are puddles of pre-cum oozing from it. Then when you are just two strokes away from a blissful, well-earned orgasm they will make you stop.

The frustration will make you groan and cry out in agony. Then they will make you start again. And again they will take you right to the edge before making you stop.

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jerk off instructions


Their cruel, sadistic laughter will ring and echo in your ears as you sit desperately to give yourself those last few final strokes to send you into the heavenly bliss of an orgasm. To feel your cock twitch and shoot your cum out and to feel the satisfying glow of relief at having come.

But not for you though. No, you will be made to start wanking again, and again she will direct you on how to do it. Real men get to pleasure themselves any way they please. Look at porn, eye candy in the street, or whatever they want but wimpy cuckold loser bitches like you deserve and get JOI sessions to decide how you get to cum. They will want to watch you in a webcam-to-webcam session just to ensure you are carrying out all of your instructions properly

You see that is all you deserve. Why should you get to pleasure yourself any way you want? You are not a real man. You don’t get to do that. And why should she go to all the trouble of keeping your caste, of using tease and denial and orgasm control only to have to undo all the hard work by letting you get some enjoyment? No, jerk-off-instruction is a must for a loser like you.

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And don’t think that even when she DOES grant you the cum command you will enjoy that either. Nope, most online Dominatrixes will give you a ruined orgasm.

That’s right. Just as you hit the vinegar strokes and are about to be sent to the giddy heights of pleasure, just as you get to the point of no return when your cock has stiffened and is ready to go over the edge and start pulling out your spunk, she will yell at you to take your handoff. 

She will crease herself laughing as you groan in frustration and at the look on your face as you see your much-needed and well-needed orgasm slip away, leaving you still feeling unsatisfied and frustrated. Check out the skype femdom cams here

There are endless amounts of strict Mistress and dommes online who are live and waiting to show a pathetic creature like you who is the boss and who is in charge. They love to frustrate you and deny you relief and they enjoy hearing your pathetic moans and pleading for an orgasm.

It tells them they are doing something right when a slave breaks down in tears at her feet and begs for his JOI  session to end as he can’t take the frustration anymore.

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Are wanking Instructions right for you?

I should start off here by saying you do not have a choice in that decision this is purely up to your new owner and keeper. They decide your fate and they decide if you need proper wanking instructions or not. However this is a fun and very erotic way of having some kinky fun where someone else takes the lead and controls the urge, you lose all control and that can lead to an ultimate orgasm if you get one in the end. But who knows she may decide to ruin your orgasm and that is a whole different page to discuss how she will do that. If you enjoy all things kinky then be sure to keep checking back to read our erotic short stories and kinky cam sessions