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So I decided it was time to visit an older Femdom online and what more humiliating way than to visit a granny mistress on cam. As soon as I entered I could tell by the look on her face she was evil and I was right. She told me to drop my pants right away and stand in front of her for proper inspection. ” bring that little soldier over here” let me look at how pathetic you are. Before I knew it she was laughing so hard she even shouted her husband over to look.

I was so humiliated I only wanted to wank it harder and harder though but she would not allow me the freedom to wank it. She told me only real men can wank their dicks and that I​ have nothing there to wank anyway.

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This is her the Evil, cruel women who laughed at me for a full hour. This live mistress cam host told me how I should be forced into panties and made to become a sissy girl.

She then made me spit on my little dick and slap it and took some pictures so she could show her friends. I was so humiliated. She described how she loved real men and big cocks and that her old man husband who was about 70 had a far superior cock to me the 25-year-old. She told me she would much rather fuck him than me any day.

My horror was confirmed, this granny mistress really hates guys with little dicks, she said she could have more fun with her pinky than my 2-inch wink!

I guess she well and truly put me in my place and I now know where I stand even old women think I am a joke.

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force you to wear panties or spit on you. You are their property now, their little bitch, their toy.

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