Terminal Reaction was one of the hottest and best gay and Bi clubs on the west side. Located between Sycamore Ave and 128th St, it was right in the heart of the gay scene and was where everyone wanted to be on a Friday or Saturday night. It’s certainly where I was this Friday. 
It was a little after 11.30 and I had gotten separated from my friends. The club is spread over 4 floors so they could have been anywhere. I was looking for them on the ground floor. Above me, muscle-bound guys with oiled skin, tanned and wearing tight black shorts were gyrating on poles located on a platform. There were three cages suspended above the dance floor as well with men dancing in them as well. The music was pounding, the lights flashing and the smoke machine was going into overdrive and blanketing the place with white smoke. It was a great night so far. I just had to find my friends who were in here somewhere.
As I got to the far end of the dance floor, through the sea of flailing, dancing bodies, my eye caught sight of a gorgeous gay cam guy  I have ever seen.

He was standing casually at the edge of the dance floor leaning on a barrier/table type thing. He was wearing a pair of tight black trousers, black shoes shining perfectly and a tight white t-shirt that perfectly complimented his washboard abs and toned body. He was expertly toned and his muscles shone and glistened in the glow of the spotlights. I take care of myself and work out 4 times a week but this guy was ripped. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. 
As he slowly lifted his bottle of Millers to his mouth, he glanced over and caught me staring. I quickly looked away embarrassed but couldn’t help but look back at him. As I did so, I saw he was looking at me and he smiled, revealing perfect white teeth. I thought “fuck it” and walked over to him.

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“Er, Hi,” I said, shouting to make myself heard over the pounding sounds of the Eurythmics dance version of sweet dreams.
“Hi yourself” he replied “I’m Bryan”
“Michael,” I said. “Do you come here often?”
As soon as I said it I wanted to kick myself. What kind of idiot uses THAT line? I closed my eyes and shook my head
“Sorry< I’m just nervous,” I said.
“Don’t worry about it” he laughed 

We were facing each other and I could feel my cock stiffening as I stared at his tight body. I’ve been a homosexual and out for over 8 years and I know what I like. He smiled and glanced down at his shoes. His gaze lingered on my crotch. He leaned in close and looked me in the eyes and before I knew it we were kissing. His lips on mine and our tongues probing each other. His lips were incredibly soft and he was a really good kisser to boot.

My dick was straining in my pants by now. My hand was cupping his head and my left was around his waist. His hand was on my shoulder and I felt his right hand slowly slide down to my crotch and he started to rub it through my trousers. I gasped slightly and my body stiffened.
He pulled his head back and leaned in close to my ear
“Do you want to go somewhere a bit more private?”
“Yes,” I said 
“Good, me too”

He took my hand and led me upstairs. On the fourth floor is a kind of chill out area which is basically just a make-out floor. There were already about a dozen couples all snogging and groping each other. We found a quiet area in a blind spot and he spun around and we started kissing again, only much more passionately. I felt down on his dick and it was rock hard. I slipped my hand down the front of his trousers and started slowly wanking him. This only spurred him on and we were really going for it. Then he did something I will never forget. He slid down to his knees right there in the club! We were hidden from sight of everyone else but still, it was a huge turn on

He unzipped trousers and put his hand in and pulled my now rock hard dick out. 
“Wow, impressive,” He said and started wanking me. He put his tongue on my bell end and licked it, looking me in the eye as he did so. 
Then with a grin, he opened his mouth and took my cock in his mouth. God, it felt good! His mouth was warm and very wet and he gave incredibly good head. I groaned and closed my eyes as I enjoyed the sensation. I leaned my head back against the wall and put my hands on his head. His hands cupped my waist for support and he really knew what he was doing.
I ran my fingers through his hair as he bobbed back and forth, taking my shaft out of his mouth and then greedily taking it all in again. His tongue was circling it and licking my cock end as well.

I knew I was about to shoot my load in no time.
After a few minutes, it happened. I could feel it building as he slurped and sucked and bobbed his head. My cock got stiffer and stiffer and I felt my legs involuntarily tension.

“Keep going. Oh god don’t stop” I moaned between gasps.
I grabbed his hair as my entire body stiffen and then my dick convulsed as I came. I let out the breath I had been holding and sagged forward as I shot my load of thick cum into his mouth. I was still sucking and draining every last drop from my big gay dick.

He swallowed every last drop and then stood up and grinned as he looked at me. I sagged against the wall, breathless and gasping.
“That was incredible,” I said “Iven never done anything like that before”
“Me either”
Then without a word he took my hand and we went back downstairs to the bar. We spent another hour or so drinking, chatting and dancing before the music ended and so did our night. He slipped me his number and kissed me on the cheek before leaving and I will definitely be calling him!

The Meeting At The Gay Nightclub

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