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10 Fetish Requests asked  Of Camgirls Online

There are so many fetishes in the world it is nigh on impossible to name every one of them. People like and get turned on by so many things it is difficult to know where to begin having it satisfied. What most guys do though is use a live fetish cam site that allows them to have the girl of their dreams doing whatever it is that turns them on and gets them off.

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It’s by far the best way to get that itch scratched because the whole time is dedicated to you and what you want so you can be guaranteed to have exactly what you like. No messing about, no fuss and no feeling you have to reciprocate.

You just tell her what you like and what turns you on and then let her do the work.
So what are the most popular things that get asked for on fetish cams? Below we have listed the ten most popular fetishes and things most asked for on the webcam.

1 – Feet
By far the most popular fetish there Is, women’s feet have been top of men’s wishlist for as long as time. Some guys like the ankles, some like the soles, for some it’s the arches while others prefer the toes. Whatever area it is your lime though, every camgirl can give you exactly how you like it. They can dangle it in front of the webcam, wiggle their toes, rub their sea or paint their toenails.  More foot fetish cams here

2 – Boots
Very popular. Lots of guys love a pair of sexy boots. Ankle boots, knee highs or thigh-high. Big heel, flat heel or flat sole. Zipped, slip-on, ties or buckles. So many different types but rest assured, if you have a boot fetish then these babes online will have the perfect pair to wear for you. They can focus on the tip, the sole, the heel or whatever part it is you like. They can even walk up and down if it is the tap, tap, tap on the floor that gets you hard.

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3 – Smoking
Every guy loves a girl who smokes. Putti g something hard between her lips? What’s not to like! Whether it’s the lighting it, the inhaling, then blowing the smoke, flicking the ash or even stubbing it out, use the free cams chat area to tell her what you like best and she will put a cigarette or cigar between her juicy lips and puff on it for your pleasure. Find smoking cams here

4 – Leather/ Pvc/ Rubber
Leather jackets, PVC skirts or rubber trousers to name a few but whatever type of material you like, these fetish cam babes have an extensive wardrobe that’s sure to include whatever you want. Normal everyday clothing or fetish wear, these girls have it all and will gladly wear it for you.

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5 – Stockings
Everyone loves to see a gorgeous woman in stockings and suspenders and these gals have all sorts of colours and styles. Silk, fishnet, satin, you name it, they have it. If you like seeing them getting put on then she will take her sweet time as you watch. If you like the sound they make As she walks she can do this too. With ribbons, lace tops, self-holding, open-toed, whatever. Any kind of stocking you like, the girls on here have them.

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6 – Legs
Every guy loves a pair of sexy legs but some guys LOVE a pair of legs and there is a female on here who has your ideal pair. Slim and toned or chunky thighed BBW? Whatever you prefer, every girl loves showing off her legs. Naked, in panties, in shorts or in tight trousers.  Tell her what you like best. Sexy Leg fetish cams

7 – Ass
Fat ass BBW or pert teen. Bubble butt black woman or firm white chick. All ass sizes are available for your enjoyment. Clothed or naked, it’s up to you. She will wear what you like and shove her backside up close for you to wank over. Slapping her cheeks, rubbing them, pulling her thong between them or just rubbing baby oil all over it. Anything is possible.

8 – Boobs
Any guy who says he doesn’t like tits is lying! Every man has A thing for boobs and every girl on here has a pair to suit any taste. Firm and perky, natural, real, fake, so small you hardly see them too so big they fill the screen. Big nipples, small nips, saggy or huge. Your perfect pair of titties awaits you now. Licking their nipples, pouring baby oil on them and rubbing it On, squirting cream on them or wearing a tight t-shirt or low cut top to show off the cleavage. View big tit cams here

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9 – Lipstick
A big juicy pair of lips make for ideal blowjobs so getting them looking shiny and perfect is a must. That’s why so many guys have a lipstick fetish. Watching her pursue them as she unscrews the cap and applies the material or gently biting on a tissue to leave a cock Harding lip imprint. Whatever you like, tell her in free chat then sit back and enjoy the show. Check out the fetish phone sex lines here

10- Jewellery

From cute toe rings to anklets to bracelets, watches and earrings, guys have always had a thing about jewellery on women. Whatever item you want, it’s guaranteed whatever camgirls you choose will have something that is perfect for your needs. You can see her put it on, dangle it in front of you, whatever you ask her to do.
So there you go, the 10 most asked for fetish requests on webcam. This list is far from exhaustive though. No matter what gets your pulse racing and your dick hard, a cams session is for you because these women will do whatever you like. Almost everything is possible so join up now, select a hottie, tell her what gets you going and sit back and enjoy the show

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