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One of the greatest torments a slave can endure at the hands of superior women is when they decide to inflict edge play on them and restrict their ability to cum and gain relief. All males think with their dicks and once the blood flows to the penis, their entire focus shifts and the only thing they can concentrate on is gaining relief. It turns their brains to mush and it is well known that a female can get a man t to agree to almost anything when he is in this state and even submissive males are no different. Once their cock starts to stiffen, all they want is permission to orgasm. Check out the orgasm denial phone sex lines here

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 View our fetish chat rooms ShareThis femdom webcam site has some of the strictest, severest, and most sadistic on the internet. One of their greatest pleasures is watching a slave desperately holding his orgasm back while also desperate for one last stroke so he can gain relief. They love watching the pained look of despair on your face as you stop wanking right on the edge to calm down for a second then make you start up again.

All of the dommes online are experts in BDSM and female domination but with edge play, they are really at home and in their comfort zone. They are expert manipulators and they will find out all your

turn-ons and fetishes and then use them against you. view our fetish chat rooms here

They will make you wank slowly, oh so slowly, till the frustration makes you squirm in your seat. If you are a tit man they will squeeze their boobs together and push them right in your face and make you stare at their cleavage.

If you have an ass fetish they will wear skin-tight clothes and bend over right in front of you, pushing their backside up to you. They will wear leather or PVCdildo. Anything they can do to turn you on to your absolute limit and then make you wank yourself.

Wanking away furiously as you watch them live out your fetish. Stroke after stroke as your orgasm builds. Your cock tightens and the pleasure intensifies. Your cock stiffens. Only a few more strokes and you will feel the sweet feeling of utter satisfaction as you cum hard and your cock releases.

Then she yells “STOP” at you and you need to stop. One more stroke would do it but you need to cease immediately. Your cock throbs and twitches as it pleads with you to keep going but you cant. You need to remove your hand. You groan with frustration as she sits smirking at you, clearly enjoying the mental anguish she is inflicting on you.

After a few minutes, when your orgasm has subsided and your cock is not throbbing as much, she will have you go again. Wanking faster and faster right up to the point of no return and then…….stop. Again.

You will cry out in anguish and frustration, desperate to keep going to feel the sweet, sweet feeling of orgasm but she will not care. She will laugh at you as you fight to stop your hands from grabbing yourself for that final push. Throwing your head back and groaning, dick throbbing all angry and purple.

Then she’ll have you go again. Most men, real men, love seeing their fantasies lived out on live cam with a gorgeous woman but these men also get the pleasure of cumming at the end whenever they want. Not useless excuses for men like you. No, all you get is tease and denial. You get edge play over and over till you don’t know which way is up and your brain is mush, unable to concentrate for the aching in your balls as they scream at you for relief and to You can check out the masturbation cams if you are looking for some kinky cam to cam masturbation fun with online kinksters who enjoy masturbating via webcam with you


release the pent-up cum swirling around in them. Centuries of evolution have told men they need to release their spunk and this powerful woman is making you fight against it for her own perverse pleasure.

Again and again, she will have you wanking right to the edge then stopping. Right at the tipping point. Your brain will be screaming at you to keep going, your cock will be rock hard and fit to bursting but you will not be granted permission to release till she is bored of playing with you, which will be a long time. Even the best fetish cam requests online are here

So are you a submissive idiot in need of control from a superior woman? Spend too much time playing with yourself and not enough making your strict Mistress life better?

Then you need edge play from a dominatrix on a femdom webcam site like this one. There are dozens of Dommes online right now and they can not wait to start messing with your mind and tormenting your cock till you are a blubbering mess on the floor, begging to be allowed to cum.

Join up to the site now and select from one of the huge choices available. Enter the free cams chat and she will manipulate all your weaknesses out of you before turning them against you.

Edgeplay awaits you now a slave. Do not keep your Mistress waiting. The last thing you want to do is make her any angrier than she is already.

Even our trans girls enjoy the whole orgasm control section or controlling your cock and balls, just enter the live webcam section and see just how much enjoyment they get from denying you any pleasure. These are cruel transgenders online with a twist. They dress up and they wank hard in front of you, knowing how desperate you are to join in and the same fun yourself but you are denied this enjoyment at every turn. These are mean bitches who enjoy being fully in control of you at all times loser