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Whether they like to admit it or not, most men get turned on by strong, powerful and confident women. Even the most macho alpha male likes a woman who takes control. Lots of men, however, yourself included if you are reading this, go a step further. They do not simply get turned on by these types of females, they submit to them and have them control their life. They desire to be controlled and to basically live their life at the feet of a dominant woman.

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They live in subservience and there are also ladies who believe in female supremacy and that females are superior to males. This is where domination sessions come in handy you can live out your fantasy and be anonymous so read on and then head over and check it out for yourself

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For these two types of people to meet, the best place for it to happen is on a live cams site. There are hundreds of women online who all love to control and humiliate inferior men like you who are not worthy of being equal to them. They are available to deal with males whose place is at their feet, pleading and grovelling for attention. They are here to put weak men like you in their place and to ensure that the dominance of the superior female sex remains. These type of women are referred to in the online world as Mistress, femdom, dominatrix and Goddess – These are the most popular names used by submissives


What Is Femdom?

Femdom is short for female domination and is associated with S& M and BDSM. It is where a strong, dominant woman has control over a male slave and gets him to do humiliating things or she tortures him to make him suffer for her, either for her own amusement or to remind him of his place or to punish him for not meeting her standards. Female domination can have a few different ways of becoming a reality for both the submissive male and the dominant female. The first is the s&m lifestyle.

The lady owns the man, either in a female-led relationship or as an actual Mistress and slave. She will control every aspect of his life and he will be expected to adhere to any rules she makes and to follow all orders, no matter how humiliating.

The second way is via a real-time session. The Mistress has a dungeon and you can pay her a tribute and have her dominate and abuse you. These sessions typically last about an hour.

The third, and by far the most popular, the way is by using live Mistress cam sites. These sites are favourites by guys who are either too nervous to visit for a real-time session or who can’t visit a dominatrix either because of financial or geographical reasons. There are always dozens of strict dominatrix online at any one time and there are always Dommes available for you to session with.

Is A Cam Session as Good As A Real time One?

Definitely. Some times it can actually be better. The imagination is an extremely powerful thing and the thought of domination is better as you can be as graphic as you both like. For example, the thought of permanent chastity with no relief ever again is a big turn on for submissive men but the reality is nowhere near as good or enjoyable. Likewise with CBT (cock and ball torture). Yes, it might sound good to have a woman kick your balls but you don’t actually want it to happen. With a cam domination show, you can both talk about things and you can both be as brutal and extreme as you wish. This can be better than having a physical sess where reality is a problem.

Another big advantage to webcam is the use of role-playing. Each live dominatrix has extensive skills in roleplaying and can adapt to any situation you want to act out, be it strict dominating wife, dominant stepdaughter, bossy secretary or strict teacher. The possibilities are endless and the only limit Is with your imagination.

Can I Have Free Domination Sessions?

Technically yes you can. With each fantasy and submissive desire being different, it is impossible to just say “I want to be dominated” and expect a Mistress to know what to do. She needs thoughts you have and to at least know where to begin but if you spend time explaining things as this costs session time.

Time better spent with you on your knees kissing her feet or with clothes pegs and weights on your nipples. So there is a free chat facility where you can talk to the dominatrix for free and explain to her what you like, what you want etc.

This allows you to have a longer time spent at her feet and the show doesn’t need to be interrupted or the flow disturbed as you try to explain things to her.

There are limitless strong, powerful and dominant women available right now who are itching to get their claws into you right now and show you your place. They have dominant extreme and powerful personalities and sadistically twisted imaginations so if you are a submissive male who yearns to serve at the feet of the dominant sex, visit this webcam site and be on your knees ready to submit. You can also be watched by your online Mistress if you have a webcam she may request that  you do live cam to cam chat

No matter what type of slave or sissy you are you can always find a strong lady willing to push your boundaries and take you to the next level of submission, out strict domination playrooms are online 247 and offer the ultimate experience to all those who enjoy pushing and testing their own hard limits, no matter what type of session you are looking for you can be assured our female dominants will be waiting prepared to take you to the next level.

This is all about domination and submission about the exchange of power and trust from tops to bottoms and bottoms to top, the ultimate mind control. Whether it be sexual in mind for you or not, these strong women enjoy the whole exchange and to be in control of your thoughts. body and mind. From the kinky fantasy to the living it out in real-time, our Mistresses are always waiting prepared and will give you the instructions as to what you must bring to your session.

No matter who you are or what you are into from gay dom-sub relationship to lesbian or transgender Mistress/submissive you will always find someone on our site that fits your needs exactly. 

Some people view it as BDSM porn other people do not see it as porn or sexual at all, it just depends on the individual slave/sissy /submissive and what end of the arena they are in, from novices to seasoned players you can be assured the very best in experimenting with all things dominating and humiliation in our live adult cam site More domination cams at mistress cam chat