I listened to the tap, tap, tap of her nails on the table and it sounded like a gun going off every time. She sat cross-legged looking at me. Her tongue was pushed to her left cheek, causing it to protrude and make her look even sterner. Her eyes bore into me like daggers. She sat sideways on the chair, her legs crossed. Her leather skirt when she was standing was about two inches above the knee but sitting like that it rode up and gave a glimpse of stocking top. Her black knee-high boots had a silver stiletto heel that shone in the light, as did the silver buckles on the side. Her foot moved rapidly as I stood in front of her.
I had been kissing her boots when I felt the first twitching of my cock. I tried to ignore it, hope it would go away, but it didn’t. Instead, it grew till I had a full blown erection.

Getting erect is strictly forbidden without permission, which of course I didn’t have, and I desperately tried to make it go away. I shuffled around on my knees, still kissing her boots, to try to hide it till it subsided.
“What are you doing?” she had asked, “Why are you so god damn fidgety?”
“Sorry Mistress” Id replied.

I was always kept naked, save for a pair of sissy panties. Mistress said it helped with my humility and to make my subservience acuter. I found it extremely humiliating as a straight male to be forced to wear woman’s underwear but I had no choice.
After about ten minutes she pulled her boot away and put her foot on my shoulder and used her momentum to push me away.
“I’m done with you now. Go away” and she pushed hard, causing me to fall to my side. Of course, this left my hard on exposed for her to see
“I’m sorry Mistress, I couldn’t help it” I stammered

“Couldn’t help it? Do you think that’s some sort of excuse? I’m not interested in your excuses. Stand up.”
I got to my feet and stood with my feet shoulder length apart. I put my hands in front of my cock to hide my shame and try to maintain a sliver of dignity
“Don’t you cover that up. Get your hands behind your back, right now”
So here I stood. She sat tapping her fingers on the table while I stood shaking like a leaf with a ridiculous little 3-inch erection making a tent on my pink sissy panties. My head was bowed, staring at her foot as it furiously bobbed up and down. I felt ridiculous standing here like this. It took all my self-control not to put my hands back in front of me

“Well?” she said eventually “Anything to say for yourself?”
“Only that I’m so sorry to have disrespected you, Mistress”
“Oh you might THINK you’re sorry just now but I can assure you, in a few minutes you’ll know what it REALLY feels like to be sorry”

The words I dreaded. She is a very strict Mistress with zero tolerance for the breaking of the rules and no erections was a pretty big one. I could only imagine what she had in store for me. 
She stood up and took two steps toward me. My heart was thumping so loud I was convinced she would be able to hear it. She slowly walked around me, placing one foot over the other to circle me. Beads of sweat were running down my back, off my forehead and from my chest. The click of her stiletto heels on the laminated floor echoed in my head as she slowly took her time, clearly enjoying the fact I was so terrified and nervous of what she might do.

She stopped behind me and used her foot to kick my feet further apart. She grabbed the sides of my panties and yanked them down. The elastic caught on my cock head, causing me to bend over slightly and I stumbled a bit but I quickly recovered myself and stood up straight again. 
Now exposed, I was even more aware of how stupid I looked standing here with my tiny pecker all hard and a pair of pink knickers round my knees. 

I flinched as I felt her grab my buttocks and I let out an involuntary yelp and rose to my tiptoes. She slapped the back of my head
“Stand still and keep quiet. You’re in enough trouble as it is”
I heard her walk over to the far wall behind me. The one where she kept all her whips, canes, crops, shackles etc all on hooks. She came back over and I heard the whooshing sound of her shaking a cane or crop in the air rapidly. I shuffled nervously, desperate to run away and hide.

Coming back over behind me, she pressed against me. I felt the cool leather touch my warm skin and her breath on my neck. She peered her head over my shoulder and looked down.
“Still hard?” she said “tut tut tut”
She walked back round in front of me slowly and with purpose. She stopped just to my right and stood with her feet shoulder width apart and put her hands on her hips. I could see tucked into her right hand was a riding crop. One of those mini ones with a thick handle and about the length of a forearm. Without moving her legs, she leaned forward so her face was inches from mine. Despite being only 5 feet 10 inches tall she was an intimidating, powerful woman who had an air of authority. I glanced nervously to the side, my bottom lip trembling

“Scared? You should be” she said quietly, almost whispering but with the force of a full-scale whip. I gulped and took a breath.
She reached over and pulled a stool over and sat on it in front of me, inches from my penis. I was breathing heavy now and almost hyperventilating with fear. I looked at her as she stared up at me and a sadistic smile crept onto her face. She reached up and with the crop, gently ran it along the underside of my dick. I flinched and shook. She laughed sadistically and harshly. 
With her spare hand, she cupped my cock and supported it with her palm. Then 

She brought down the crop on my dick, hard. I yelled in pain
“Shut up” she screamed and hit me again
Whack, Whack, Whack
She brought the crop down on my dick time and again. I couldn’t breathe with the pain and I was doubled up. It was taking every ounce of strength not to pull away or move from her reach. The pain brought tears to my eyes and made me see stars. I couldn’t focus on anything. She was yelling and cursing at me, that much I knew, but I couldn’t think straight.
Bang, Bang, Bang
The crop came down on my junk. I was now flaccid of course but that didn’t stop her. She kept hitting it again and again
“Tell me again how sorry you are?” 
“I’m a sorry mistress. I’m so sorry. It won’t happen again” I sobbed
“I don’t believe you,”
she said and began hitting my dick again.
Harder and harder, my cock felt like it was on fire. Eventually, she stopped and took a deep breath
“Phew, that worked up a sweat,” she said
Her dark hair was matted and she was covered in sweat from the excretion of her actions. I stood sobbing quietly, my dick feeling like it was going to fall off.
After a few minutes break, she took my shaft again, which was already turning black in places and covered in bright red welts, and stared at me. Her face was twisted in a sneer
“You look pathetic. Snivelling like a little bitch. But at least we got you soft again though eh” she said with a cackle
Still holding me, she proceeded to whack me again. Not as hard but rapid so it felt like one blow followed another straight away.
Eventually, she stopped. She leaned back and crossed her shapely legs and clasped her hands together at her knee and looked at me. I was a broken, sobbing mess. My penis was in agony. Red, black, blue and purple with huge welts on it, I looked utterly annihilated. 
“Have you learned your lesson imbecile?” 
“Y-y-yy-yes M-mm-mistress. I won't do it again”
I managed to stutter
“You better not or it’ll be worse next time,” she said
 Worse? How could she possibly make it worse?
She stood up and looked at me
“Open your mouth” she demanded
I did so and she put her crop between my teeth.
“Hold this”
I bit it gently to hold it in place. 
“Now get over there and face the corner. You can think about this for a while”
I gingerly made my way to the corner and stood to face the wall, still with her riding crop between my teeth. 
“Now don’t move. I’ll be back in a while” was all she said before she turned and walked out of the room, closing the door with a bang. 
I stood in agony, still sobbing quietly.

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I was Caught with a hard cock and was give severe CBT - My cock and Ball Torture Story

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