about us

Micro-blogging servicewww.VeriTweet.com  is Twitter client with added visual functionalities, like photos and vids, but most important feature is to serve mostly to VERIFIED users – People and Companies, thereby creating  higher quality content.

VeriTweet fights against limited Twitter Real Names resources.
Since Twitter @names became mainstream for Digital Identificators, yet many would like to use their Real Names. Due to systemic restrictions desired Twitter names are unavailable for new users, companies and brands.

One of most attractive technical feature is unified username syntax, allowing similar usernames, thereby fighting against Twitter name squatting and hardy recognized available names.

The main product is \'Verification Bars\' for user profiles, which once obtained for VeriTweet would be used in other social networking sites later.

VeriTweet is verifying all accounts by defaults on opposite of Twitter Verified accounts program, available mostly for celebrities.

Site is “Twitter backward compatible” –  which means that binded VeriTweet and Twitter accounts are synchronized in both directions.

People are offered to join Veritweet with their existing Twitter credentials and synchronize accounts.