20 Ways To Dominate Your Slave

20 ways to Dominate your Slave On Webcam


Domination is a vast and extensive area. Saying you want to be dominated by a powerful woman is vague at best statement. Every submissive male has certain areas that turn them on and that interests them about BDSM.

That is why a Domination webcam session can be so advantageous. Due to the vast experience and expertise of all the dominas online, they can listen to what you like and add in other things they think will tie in with it or that they think you will also enjoy.

This is great for lots of guys because they lime one area of female domination and stick to it which gets repetitive but with a cam session, it can be varied and kept fresh.

Another great benefit is for slaves who want to submit but are unsure about what area they want to do it. A real-time session can be intimidating to do an experiment but a webcam session is ideal as there is less pressure.
So what ways can you be dominated in a femdom webcam session?  Find Live Dominatrix here

Here you will find 20 ways to be dominated on cam so have a read and see if anything gets your interest. BDSM punishment Ideas

1 – CBT (Cock And Ball Torture)
Every male’s most precious possession is his junk so it makes sense for a dominant female to target this area for some abuse. Slapping them with your hand or a spoon, clipping clothes pegs to them or smearing them in hot sauce is some of the more popular ways, as well as making you tie rope or shoelaces around them as tight as possible. CBT CAMS RIGHT

cock & ball torture

2 – Boot worship

Femdom 101. On your knees and kissing and licking her boots. Using your tongue to clean them or your lips to kiss them, you will be in no doubt as to who is in charge as she has you on all fours while she towers over you and orders you to worship them. Ankle, knee-high or thigh-high Check out our foot and boot fetish here

boot worship

3 – Forced Feminization

As a male, being forced to dress as a female is about as humiliating as it gets. From just a pair of panties to a full get-up of stockings, frilly knickers, high heels, wig, and makeup, and possibly even false tits, these dominas will make you don ladies attire and teach you to curtsey and serve Check out the sissy cams here for more feminization play online or call  for a sissy training on the  sissy cams

4 – Ass Worship

One of the most humiliating tasks given to a slave. As she stands above you whilst you kneel, she will turn around, hitch her skirt up or pull her trousers down, bend over slightly so her backside is in your face, and then make you kiss her ass. Planting kisses on each butt cheek and telling her how wonderful it is is a great way for her to install humility on you quickly. With her fleshy rump right in your face and her cool skin on your lips, you will know your place



5 – Online Chastity Keyholding
From early teens, males get hard and sneak off for a wank. It is a basic animal instinct. So imagine having your cock locked in a cage to which she carries the only key and she decides when, or even if, you get to cum. It can be hours, days, weeks or even months at a time. Imagine, this cruel dominatrix dangling the key in front of you like your cock strains and your balls ache with desperation to orgasm. She will control your dick and make you beg for relief yet keep you frustrated just because she can and she likes the crushed look on your face when she says “no”

6 – Orgasm Denial
Sometimes tying in with number 6, orgasm denial is sometimes worse than chastity. Being allowed to wank but made to stop just before cumming. Edging time and again, your mind will be much as your cock aches and throbs and you are so desperate for her to allow you to give those extra two strokes required for your much-needed relief. Permission she never gives and instead laughs at your pathetic grunting. Get ready for a kinky masturbation chat here

7 – Small Penis Humiliation
The first thing almost every dominatrix will do is go after your cock size. All men get insecure about it being too small and any online domina will target that and exploit it. They know how much you lust after hot, sexy babes and they will take great delight in laughing and pointing at your stub and mocking you that you will never get a hot 10 babe to have sex with you. They will also make you measure it against chipolata sausages, aaa batteries, biro lids, or any other tiny object they can think of. Our dominant women enjoy degrading your live

little penis humiliation

8 – Verbal Degradation
Nothing compares to a vicious, verbal beatdown, and trust me, these Dommes do not hold back. With fury and venom that will leave you shaking and close to tears, they will rip you a new asshole as they lay into you with insults. The usual things like a loser, wanker and pathetic but these women do not hold back and they will pile on the insults till you are a quivering wreck.

9 – Cuckolding
What better way to let you know how little she respects you as a male than to fuck another man right in front of you. As you sit crestfallen and dejected as this image of beauty that you worship and lust over sits and wanks the big, powerful dick of a real man and mocks you that she will never do it to yours before leaning over and giving him a blowjob before she straddles him or gets on all fours to be taken from behind, all while she makes you sit and watch. Check out our online cuckold humiliation chat here for all humiliation and forced fluffing fantasy scenarios

cuckold humiliation cams

10- Financial Domination
Not for the faint-hearted, findom will control your life. She will demand money from you, not be caring one iota if it leaves you with nothing. She deserves the finer things in life without having to work for it, you don’t. She will force you to work overtime or take on a second job to afford what she demands. She will list your outgoings and income and decide what she is to be given every month and this will undoubtedly be almost every spare penny

11- Anal training
Starting off small but building up to bigger and bigger, you will be taught how to take a dick up your ass. She might want to train you for being pimped out or she might just enjoy the humiliation of fucking your ass but either way, you will be trained in how to be fucked. With expert guidance and swift punishment for non-compliance, you will be a literal butthurt slave.

12- Nipple torture
God knows why men have nipples anyway. They are useless so why not have them put to use as a focal point for a superior female to abuse? Make you flick them with your finger, attach clothes pegs to them or tie them with string then attach weights as a few ways for NT to be applied.

13- Face  Slapping
She will force you to stand in front of your webcam and have you slap your face again and again. As your ears ring and your cheeks sting, she will yell at you to go harder and faster. You will be seeing stars and convinced you could fry eggs on your burning cheeks when she gets through with you



14- Being Ignored
You worship the ground these powerful women walk on. You long for their attention and for them to acknowledge you. To hear their voice as they speak to you is what you live for so imagine how devastating it will be if she ignores you. Imagine how crushing it will be if she makes you stand with your hands behind your back and then flicks through her phone, chats to a friend or surf the web, all while forgetting you even exist?

15- Blackmail Scenario
Another one for serious players, handing over all your personal info (wife’s name, home number, FB logins, family addresses, etc) she will then have you right where she wants you. She can make you do absolutely anything, and I do mean ANYTHING, she wants and threatens to expose your dirty little secrets to your friends and family if you don’t comply.  Can you imagine 2 Mistresses blackmailing you as they both watch you on cam in a c2c

16 – Double Domination
Rather than having one dominatrix control and abuse you, why not have two? Twice the abuse and twice the torture. There are lots of live dommes who offer double dom sessions. Having two powerful women control and manipulate you is an intense experience and to have them both tower over you as you crawl around the floor is incredibly humbling.



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17- CFNM
Clothed female, nude male. One of the most humbling experiences around, being naked while she is clothed is a humbling time. Feeling exposed and vulnerable, you will be forbidden from covering your modesty. It will make you instantly subservient and more obedient. A great way to straightaway rip any fight or thoughts of rebellion away from her lowly slave

18- Corner Time
With your hands behind your head and your nose pressed into the corner, it will be extremely humiliating for you as the minutes and hours tick by. You will hear her on the phone to her friends or be clicking her mouse as she shops online, all the while you will be standing in the corner and treated like a naughty child

19- Puppy Play
Either voluntarily or forced on you, she will make you get on all fours and act like a dog. Eat and drink from a bowl, sleep on a rug, bark instead of speaking as well as be made to play fetch, these domes will treat you like a puppy and scold you like one if you misbehave

20- Adult Baby
Another deep humiliation, being treated like a baby. Wearing a diaper, g0-gooing, and ga-gaming as well as crawling around on all fours playing with your ages 2-3 toys and singing “Wheels on the bus”, you will be reverted back to babyhood by your online mummy.

So there are 20 ways for a webcam domination session to unfold. This list is by no means exhaustive.  Any areas of BDSM that interest you can be fulfilled on here to join the site now and get ready to submit to some of the strictest and most heartless dominas you have ever met