15 Ways For Public Humiliation

Humiliating & Fun Ways To Be Publicly Humiliated

Of all the methods of humiliation that a dominatrix can heap upon her poor, hapless slave, by far the worst is a big dose of public humiliation. It is something almost every slave dreads but every mistress enjoys. They love to degrade their subs in full view of the vanilla people and they enjoy watching them squirm with embarrassment and the look of shame in their eyes as they wish for the ground to open up and swallow them whole. Read on and learn more about our Ways to dominate and degrade in public places. You can also view our   Femdom cams if you are looking for some of this to be inflicted on you

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Here we have compiled a list of 15 of the top ways that a Domme can administer humiliating public embarrassment to you. Maybe you have experienced them yourself already or have imagined a powerful woman doing them to you or maybe you are a dominatrix on the lookout for ideas.

1 – Yelled At In Public
Pretty basic and straightforward. While on a shopping trip, for example, she can berate you loudly while people are watching and sniggering as you stand sheepishly while this dominant, imposing woman towers over you shouting in your face and calling you useless, pathetic, moron etc.

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2 – Made To Wear A Leash
Either discreetly under your shirt with the handle by your hand or openly for everyone to see, she can snap a car and lead on you and lead you around with it. Even if it is the discreet route she chooses, you will still feel hugely embarrassed at being led around by a lead like a dog.

3 – Go Shopping Dressed As A Sissy
Either to an adult sex store or a vanilla supermarket, getting made to go shopping wearing your high heels, stockings, puffy skirt, wig and makeup will be about as humiliating as it gets. Mistress will take her time casually browsing the shop while your face turns bright red as people point and stare. For added effect, she will also, loudly, call you by your sissy name.

4 – Made To Buy Humiliating Items
The most popular method for this is to force the sub to go to a store and buy a cucumber, condoms and ky jelly only and for added effect, to go to a female cashier. It is deeply humiliating as slave sees the look of shock on the cashiers face as she struggles not to laugh. For femdom webcam slaves, the receipt with only these three items on it is required. Check out the skype cam girls here

5 – Made To Kiss Her Feet In A Store
Another popular one. Kissing her feet is something you have no doubt done on multiple occasions but to hear the snap of her fingers and see her point to her feet in a crowded shopping mall is a heart-stopping moment. As you get on your knees you’ll hear the shocked gasps of the onlookers and the sniffers will ring in your ears as you pucker up and kiss her feet.

6 – Forced To Wear Feminine Attire
A good one for slaves not into sissification and extremely effective. Forcing him to wear an obviously female blouse or trousers, maybe women’s knickers or tights or perhaps a bra under a white shirt.. subtle but very, very effective at humiliating the submissive.

7 – Have To Ask For Permission To Speak
This one works extremely well in a restaurant. As the server looks at him for his order he must first say to you “please may I speak Mistress?”. He will never be able to to get the experience nor the look of shock on the servers face. For added fun, she may reply “no you may not” and force him to remain quiet and unable to answer.

8 – Given Stimulation Wearing Loose Fitting Clothes
In a crowded place, you will be made to rub your cock till it gets hard and makes a tent in your joggers and then she will make you go to the bar, cash desk or just walk across the room sporting a stiffy. And of course, she will make you keep your hands by your sides or behind your back. This is at its most effective when a slave has been kept in chastity for a few weeks.

9 – Collared In Public
Either discreetly under a high collared shirt or polo neck or brazenly on open view for everyone to see you are her property, she will snap a collar around your neck, secure it and then make you walk around in public wearing it.

10- Talked Down To Infront Of Shop Staff
A good one for a wife/ henpecked husband role-play scenario, she can wait till in a crowded area then tell you for being sloppy or for taking too long. She will call you useless and question, loudly and arrogantly, why she ever married you in the first place. For added effect, she will no doubt work into the tirade how crap you are in bed. Or It could be more subtle e.g. when the cashier tells you how much, mistresses will then to you and say “well hurry up and pay you, idiot. Don’t keep her waiting”

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11- Made To Give A Foot Massage In Public
Like foot Kissing, you will have massaged her feet before but as she flops in a bench after a hard day shopping and orders you to your knees to do her feet in front of everyone, it is a whole different scenario.

12- Forced To Get Fitted For A Bra
Taking you to a lingerie shop or female clothes section, she will ask out a female assistant and you will be made to tell her you to want a fitting. Mistress can mock that it is because you have man boob.s. and enjoy the way your face burns bright red with shame. She can also make you pick out a brightly coloured one to be worn under a white shirt.

13- Post-Pictures Online
It can be of you dressed as a sissy whore, a French maid, of your tiny dick, of your cock locked in chastity or holding a sign saying you are a gun swallowing slut bag to name a few but when she has taken those pictures they are posted online, either on her own personal website or a public forum, for the whole world to have access to. She will also leave the comments open so everyone can leave derogatory insults and sarcastic comments. Top dominatrix chat here



14- Ordered To Carry Her Handbag
So simple and might not seem like many bits rest assured, carrying your mistresses bag around in the mall will make you very self-conscious and embarrassed. A very subtle but effective method of public humiliation.

15- Butt Plugged
The vanilla people will be nine the wiser but you will be convinced people know as you walk about with the plug up your ass. This method is also at its best when you enter somewhere unplugged but she makes you go to the restroom and put it in. It makes you even more aware it is there and convinced everyone knows.
So there you have it. Fifteen ways that superior females can inflict public humiliation on you. This list is far from exhaustive however and the cruel minds and twisted imaginations of most dominatrixes mean anything is possible. Amazing public humiliation online

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